In Memoriam - Schreiber Pereira

Pereira Schreiber Schreiber came to CTLS in the Spring 2014 semester from the University of Toronto. He was an excellent student: thoughtful, articulate and well-read. We will remember him for his warm personality and feel privileged that we were able to get to know him during his time here in London. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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It was with great sadness that I learnt about the passing of dear Schreiber. I only had the chance to know him over a short time while at CTLS in London. He made a big impact on everyone around him and was well liked by many. He was smart, witty, kind and generous. My fondest memories are of him recounting his stories about science and the universe, getting excited about the hockey, and being proudly Canadian. He would rollerblade through the streets of London with a smile on his face - a free and independent spirit. He was quirky and fun. My heart goes out to his family who have lost a shining star in their lives. He was too young to go. with love and prayers.

- Monique MacRitchie

It was a true joy to know Schreiber as a classmate and friend. We talked about many things, from horizontal constitutional rights, to the structure of Canadian society, to Olympic hockey. I always left our conversations thinking that I have so much to learn from him. I'll always remember the time in class when he explained, off the top of his head, the epic of Krishna and Arjuna, why modern interpretations weren't correct, and what the story really said about our own duties in life. Losing him is especially heartbreaking because of his intellect, his kindness, and his moral conscience. We are all worse off without him.

- Walter Alarkon

I had the great privilege to meet Schreiber last semester during the CTLS program. He was a fine and brilliant young man with great humor. There are so many memories which are flashing before my eyes when I think about Schreiber, but I will focus on one of our day trips where Gwen, Schreiber and I went to Greenwhich together. It is definitely one of my nicest memories with him. We had a lovely day walking around the area, visiting the market and going to the Royal Observatory to see the view from the top of the hill. Gwen and I also went to the National Maritime Museum with him. He loved the East India Company gallery. I remember him getting really excited about all the historical facts we learned in the museum. In fact, one of the many qualities Schreiber had was his love for history. It was a topic he could talk about for hours with great passion and I shared more than one fascinating conversations with him exchanging our views on historical facts. I will truly cherish these memories and I send many thoughts and prayers to his family in this hard time. He will be greatly missed.

- Nathalie Aymon

Schreiber and I were friends since we met in first year of law school at the University of Toronto. He was such a genuine, funny, caring, intelligent and charismatic human being. The last time I saw him, he was wearing his roller blades and excited to go to London on exchange with the Center for Transnational Legal Studies. We meant to meet up this summer upon his return to Toronto and I was looking forward to hearing all about his stay abroad. I was shocked and saddened to hear about his passing and my condolences go out to his family and friends. I will always remember Schreiber and miss his presence in law school and beyond.

- Beatrice Marry, 3L law student University of Toronto

I will always remember how Schreiber would smile and wave every time he passed my desk. He would always manage to brighten up my day! We had such funny conversations about his love of British comedy panel shows, and my inability to tell the difference between a US and Canadian accent... Schreiber was an amazing person and will be sorely missed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time. Rest in Peace.

- Mina Elton, CTLS

I feel blessed to have gotten to know Schreiber. His intelligence, kindness, knowledge and humor touched me. I remember walking with him around the Brandburger Gate in Berlin. As he was telling me about the history of the place I remember thinking what a smart and humble person he is. He was loved among CTLS students. My thoughts go to his family and close ones.

- Claire Neville, Switzerland

Schreiber was one of the most brilliant minds I have ever known, but first and foremost a genuinely nice person with a great sense of humor. I greatly enjoyed his company and conversation, and I will always remember how he would race me back to our residence when we came back from visiting some London attraction and how he enjoyed being faster on his rollerblades than I was on the tube. I feel privileged to have shared these few months in London with Schreiber. I am very sorry about his passing, and all my thoughts go to his family and close ones.

- Emilie Jacot-Guillarmod

When I came back to Switzerland, I told my friends how impressed I was by the intelligence of some students, and Schreiber was one of the persons I always mentioned. He was probably one of the most knowledgeable person I've ever met, and having a challenging discussion with him was always thrilling. Schreiber had a sense of humour that I loved, sometimes very absurd, and always with an excellent sense of self-mockery. There are details I'll never forget, like the way he waved his hands, with his (very) long sleeves sweater, our common passion for hockey, or the way he wanted to learn French with us. In short, I will miss Schreiber and there are many reasons for that.

- Samuel Campiche

In my more than 20 years of teaching, Schreiber was one of the most extraordinary students I've had the privilege to meet. His intellect and insight were luminous in the small class on health & development that Mariana Prado and I co-taught. So was his driving curiosity, in the classroom and during our extensive discussions outside of class. More than that, Schreiber was kind and wise. His insights about the questions of policy and law that we discussed came at least as much from his heart as from his keen mind. He was a young man on track toward making a difference, for his country and the world. His loss is beyond tragic. Gregg Bloche

- Gregg Bloche/Professor & Co-Director, CTLS, 2013-14/Georgetown University

I remember how I first met Schreiber at out first Pub Night: arriving with a huge smile on his face, rollerblades under his arm. He was such a smart, warm and very funny person who always stopped for a chat at our office. Conversations with him were both challenging and entertaining. He will be missed by many but will be in our memories forever. Rest in peace.

- Maike Kotterba-Wilson, CTLS

Just a few days ago I was reading the excellent paper that Schreiber wrote for my class. It deals with the international law doctrine of the responsibility to protect and proceeds to a comparative analysis of it in the light of the alternative theories of global justice of John Rawls and Amartya Sen. As I was reading the paper, as well as during the several discussions we had during the drafting process, I remember thinking how good this paper was for Schreiber's future career, how important it was for him to acquire fundamental knowledge on some fields that he could later develop, how many potential avenues were left for him to explore. The tragic circumstance of his death has taught me that all this was rather irrelevant. The only truly significant thing is how much Schreiber enjoyed himself writing this paper that dignified him as a student (by the way, one of the best I have ever had). And I do hope he enjoyed himself during each and every moment he spent writing it, sitting in classes, seminars and talks, reading and studying for his courses, socializing with his teachers and classmates… Nothing comes close to the importance of the moment we are living with full intensity. This is Schreiber's final lesson for all of us who shared some precious moments with him at the CTLS. Rest in peace.

- César Arjona, CTLS Academic Co-Director 2013-2014

Although he only shared a small fraction of time with us, He taught us so much, He told us so much more, He was used to wave his hand to say hello, Now I wave mine as a sign to say, I'll see you later.... In our hearts he will always be remembered. Always humble, always funny, Always brilliant, always unique. In my memories, he will always remain, with his skates, And his black coat, waving his hand from heaven, Reminding us all, the chance with had to hear his high-level ideas and his fun facts. Goodbye Schreiber, goodbye my friend. We'll catch up one day, Wait for us, 'Cause we'll certainly have a pub night up there in heaven!

- Laura Galindo, Colombia.

Schreiber, I will remember you for your intelligence, humor and waving hands. I remember being frustrated after our discussions because you had many arguments based on your very broad knowledge which invalidated all of my arguments time and again. I admired your ability to stock all of it in that great mind of yours. I could see the importance of your family as you would often talk about them. My heart goes out to them and my fellow friends from CTLS.

- Alexandra Richoz

Schreiber was one of the people who I spent the most time with at CTLS. He was thrilled to introduce me to hockey. I'll never forget standing in front of the Maple Leaf pub with him for an hour to watch Canada in the Olympics hockey finals and how passionate he was about the sport. Schreiber was truly a great friend and good guy. He enjoyed life and loved sharing his culture. I learned so much from him in the short time I had the pleasure of knowing him. He will be missed, but not forgotten. My prayers go out to his family.

- Tianda Harris

Schreiber, through the CTLS I got lucky to meet many friends, a great and unique one was Schreiber. We had lots of nice memories, over all he was remarkable with the huge knowledge and precise information he had on his head, about nearly every thing and everywhere! He was a Head full of knowledge, and a heart full of love, I cannot take his smile out of my head right now! I remember him once when he was laughing while explaining the meaning of his name and the story of his sister's name to me. I remember how sweet and peaceful he was, and how really nice was it when he's around, he is a good and remarkable friend, I'm thankful and Happy that I met him.. May God be with his family and friends..and I pray may his soul Rest in Peace.

- Cathrine Abuamsha

CTLS is still here, but Schreiber's gone. when i heard about his death all i could tell my mother about him was "mom we lost a brain". i will not forget the way he say "hi" and "bye" while waving his hand. me and Schreiber debated many times about different things, sometimes we agreed and sometimes we didn't, he was way too smart when it comes to convincing people about his point of view. and now after he's gone, all i can do is to ask god to forgive his sins. may he rest in peace.

- Batoul .M

I taught at CTLS in Spring 2014. Schreiber was a student in my class. He stood out for his thoughtful participation in class. He asked perceptive questions, constantly probing for greater understanding. We communicated outside of class, as he continued searching for more knowledge. Since the end of the course, we communicated a few times via email. Schreiber had a good knowledge of Canadian law, certainly much more than I have. He was able to educate me on various areas of Canadian law. There is an old saying: "Your student shall be your teacher." Schreiber clearly fits that concept. His questions, his comments, his discussion of Canadian law all taught me a good deal. Moreover, he was a very nice person to know, with a warm personality. I feel privileged to say he was my student. Whatever the cause of his passing, we pray for his family and close friends as well as for him.

- Professor Sherman L. Cohn, Georgetown University Law Center

Schreiber was such a joy to be around. He was full of knowledge and was always willing to share it with anyone who would lend an ear. I have never been more impressed with how many facts someone can store in their brain as I was with Schreiber. I will never forget on our trip to Bath, England when I climbed down a hill towards a lake and turned around to see Schreiber videotaping me with a huge smile on his face, claiming it would make an epic YouTube video if I had fallen into the lake. He had a grand sense of humor, an appreciation for beauty, and such a passion for life and adventure. His life should be celebrated, although he will truly be missed.

- Julie Goodrich

I remember the first time I met Schreiber. He came up to a group of us at the pub, joking that he should hang out more with his Asian counterparts. That was quintessential Schreiber - friendly, humorous and fun-loving. He was easy to talk to as he was so knowledgable about the world and passionate about his work. I'm proud that I can call Schreiber my friend and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with him at CTLS. God bless him, his family and his friends.

- Moses Tan

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