David Luban
Academic Co-Director 2012-2013, Georgetown Law

"In today' world people, culture, goods, politics, and money cross borders more than at any time in history - and law travels with them. Global law is more than a slogan or a sound bite. National law reaches outside national territory, legal systems borrow from one another, and international law becomes ever more prominent. At CTLS students and faculty from many legal traditions explore common legal problems of global law in an uncommon way. With its emphasis on collaborative work, CTLS provides a unique opportunity to expand horizons and forge new friendships in the setting of a great world city."

About CTLS

A Global Partnership

The Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London is a one-of-its-kind global partnership in legal education, encompassing students and faculty from 23 world-class law schools.

Our shared vision:

  • Leaders of the legal profession in this 21st century need to understand law within the context of different legal systems and different cultures.
  • Lawyers will increasingly be called upon to advise businesses, individuals, non-governmental entities, and governments in matters that involve parties, laws, and judicial or arbitral bodies in two or more jurisdictions.
  • To prepare for careers that transcend the borders of their home countries, students need to develop transnational perspectives.

CTLS offers students and faculty an unparalleled opportunity to participate in a semester-long intensive program in international, comparative and transnational law, unlike any conventional "study abroad" or exchange program.

The Center's small size and multicultural orientation provide the opportunity for students to learn in a uniquely active, participatory way.


In 2011, CTLS was recognized by the Institute for International Education with the Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education. This is the first time that a legal education program has received this honor.
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Center for Transnational Legal Studies
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