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"Academic content was really inspiring and rewarding. I have been teaching for over 15 years and this is just about the most interesting thing I have ever done in teaching. Students were great and colleagues were fantastic."

Fall 2009 Faculty

César Arjona

Cesar Arjona


Phone: (0034) 932 806 162 Ext. 2407
Fax: (0034) 932 048 105

Av.Pedralbes, 60-62
E-08034 Barcelona

Brief Bio

César Arjona is Professor at ESADE (Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona), where he received his law degree. He holds an LL.M. from the European Academy of Legal Theory (Brussels), and a JSD from Cornell University (New York), where he carried out his doctoral research on American legal thought under the supervision of Professor Robert Summers.

Professor Arjona main field of specialisation is Jurisprudence or Legal Philosophy. Lately he has developed an interest in Corporate Governance, and as a consequence in Corporate Social Responsibility, working together with business scholars at ESADE (in particular, at its Institute of Social Innovation). He teaches in law programs and in management programas, both at graduate and undergraduate level. Subject taught include Legal Theory, Legal Philosophy, Research Methodology, Legal Reasoning, and others. During the last several years he has been teaching Professional Ethics and Business in Society to students coming from different European countries and the US. He has published in English and Spanish, both in law journals and books. Professor Arjona is member of the international relations team of ESADE Law School, where he works as academic director of the exchange program.

Recent Representative Publications

"Law and Cultural Diversity in Spain", in G.F. Gaudreault-Desbiens, A.D. Renteln & M.C. Foblets (eds.), The Response of State Law to the Expression of Cultural Diversity Bruylant, 2009 (forthcoming, with Maria Elosegui).

"La teoría general de intereses de Robert Summers", Doxa, 2009 (forthcoming).

"The Cultural Defence in Spain", in A.D. Renteln & M.C. Foblets (eds.), Multicultural Jurisprudence: Comparative Perspectives on the Cultural Defence, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2009 (with Barbara Truffin)

La RSE en el Gobierno Corporativo de las Sociedades del IBEX 35. Un análisis de transparencia, Instituto de Innovación Social, Barcelona, 2009.

Los votos discrepantes del juez O.W.Holmes, Iustel, Madrid, 2006 (editor and translator from English).

"Pluralismo vs. Dogmática. Una aproximación epistemológica al fenómeno jurídico", Revista Consesup, 8, 2005.

Roscoe Pound and Problems of Contemporary Jurisprudence, UMI, Ann Arbor (MI, USA), 2004.

"Afinidades entre Dworkin y Pound. Un breve estudio sobre influencias y coincidencias", Doxa, 26, 2003.

"Medios, fines y pluralidad de procesos en el pensamiento de Lon L. Fuller", Doxa, 25, 2002.

Christian ArmbrÜster

Christian ArmbrÜster

Free University of Berlin

Professor of Private Law, Judge at the Court of Appeal
Richter am Kammergericht

Phone: (0049) 30-83852167
Fax (0049) 30-83856293

Freie Universität Berlin
Van't-Hoff-Str. 8
D-14195 Berlin

Brief Bio

Christian Armbrüster holds the chair of Private Law, Commercial and Company Law, Insurance Law and Private International Law at Freie Universität Berlin. He started his academic career as a Professor of Private Law at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg in 2000 before changing to Berlin in 2004. Since then he has been responsible for Freie's ERASMUS exchange programs and he has taught at partner universities in Barcelona, Paris and Rome. Apart from his academic activities he works as a judge in the Court of Appeal in Berlin. His advice has been sought by the German Parliament in the context of various lawmaking projects.

Current research projects include the relationship between EC Consumer Protection Legislation and Capital Investment law, the scope of Information duties of Insurance companies, anti-discrimination law in the field of Insurance and the limits set by national Contract law to the Freedom of Services. Some pro bono work is dedicated to the protection of Cultural Heritage by means of Private law.

Website -

Christiana Fountoulakis

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Christiana Fountoulakis

University of Basel


Faculty of Law
Office: 5.36
Peter Merian-Weg 8
4002 Basel

Brief Bio

Christiana Fountoulakis was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. She received her law degree in 2000 and her doctorate degree in 2004, both from the University of Basel, Switzerland (summa cum laude). She received the Staempfli publisher Award for her doctoral thesis on credit security law in German- and English law-based jurisdictions. She has been an Assistant Professor at the University in Basel since 2004 and specialises in International Business Trade Law, Comparative Private Law, and International Commercial Arbitration. In 2007, she was a Foreign Associate with a US law firm. She finished her Habilitation on set-off defences in international commercial arbitration in 2008. Christiana Fountoulakis has published articles and books on a large range of issues and is co-editing the journals "Internationales Handelsrecht" (IHR) and "European Journal on Law Reform" (EJLR). She has been invited to teach at the Universities of Paris XII, Zurich, Fribourg, Indiana University School of Law Bloomington (USA), Bucerius Law School (Hamburg).

Representative Publications

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Set-off Defences in International Arbitration - A Comparative Analysis, Hart Publishing: Oxford 2010.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Articles 26, 71-73, 81-84 CISG, in Schwenzer (ed.), Schlechtriem & Schwenzer, Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG), 3rd ed., Oxford: Oxford University Press 2010.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Tupperware-Parties und Co. - Die wettbewerbsrechtliche Beurteilung des Vertriebs unter Einsatz von Laien (forthcoming in GRUR International 2009).

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Europäisches Lauterkeitskollisionsrecht, in Schmidt-Kessel (ed.), Europäisches Lauterkeitsrecht, Munich: Sellier 2010.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Articles 26, 71-73, 81-84 CISG, in Schlechtriem & Schwenzer (eds.), Kommentar zum Einheitlichen UN-Kaufrecht - CISG, 5th ed., Munich, 2008.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, The Parties' Choice of 'Neutral Law' in International Commercial Sales Contracts, VII (3/4) European Journal of Law Reform (2005) 303-329.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, International Sales Law, London and New York, 2007 (jointly with Ingeborg Schwenzer).

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Interzession naher Angehöriger - eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung im deutschen und angelsächsischen Rechtskreis, Bern: Staempfli 2005.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Agentur- und Fachhändlerverträge - jüngere Rechtsprechung und aktuelle Probleme, in: Arter (ed.), Vertriebsverträge, Bern: Staempfli 2007, pp. 49-102.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Societas Europaea - ein Vehikel für den Schweizer Investor?, Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (SZW) 2005, pp. 49-58 (jointly with Gerald Mäsch).

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Anfechtung von Teil- und Zwischenentscheiden internationaler Schiedsgerichte vor dem Schweizerischen Bundesgericht, Journal of International Dispute Resolution (IDR) 2005, pp. 99-105 (jointly with Pierre A. Karrer).

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Die Geltendmachung öffentlich-rechtlicher Forderungen durch den privaten Bürgen im System des Europäischen Zivilprozessrechts - zugleich Anmerkung zu EuGH, Urteil vom 5.2.2004, Rs. C-265/02 - "Frahuil", Zeitschrift für Gemeinschaftsprivatrecht (GPR) 2005, pp. 98-101 (jointly with Gerald Mäsch).

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Ein Vergleich zur Vertragsautonomie im Kreditsicherungsrecht innerhalb des deutschen Rechtskreises, in: Jahrbuch Junger Zivilrechtswissenschaftler 2003, Stuttgart 2004, pp. 51-75.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Das deutsche Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz auf dem verfassungsrechtlichen Prüfstand, Die Praxis des Familienrechts ( 2003, pp. 53-72.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Das Verhältnis von Nacherfüllungsrecht des Verkäufers und Vertragsaufhebungsrecht des Käufers im UN-Kaufrecht, Internationales Handelsrecht (IHR) 2003, pp. 160-168.

Fountoulakis, Christiana, Der Vorentwurf zu einem Bundesgesetz über den elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr, in Cottier, Rüetschi & Sahlfeld (eds.), Information und Recht, Basel 2002, pp. 57-88.

Carrie Menkel-Meadow (academic co-director)

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Carrie Menkel-Meadow

Georgetown Law

A.B. Chettle, Jr. Professor of Dispute Resolution and Civil Procedure and Director, Georgetown-Hewlett Program in Conflict Resolution and Legal Problem Solving, Georgetown University Law Center; B.A., magna cum laude, Barnard College, Columbia University; J.D., cum laude, University of Pennsylvania; LL.D (Hon). Quinnipiac University; Member, California and Pennsylvania State and District of Columbia Bars


Brief Bio

Professor Menkel-Meadow joined the full-time faculty of Georgetown in 1996 after serving as a visiting professor in 1992 and 1994. She joined us from UCLA where she had been a professor of law since 1979, serving as well as a professor in the Women's Studies program, Acting Director of the Center for the Study of Women, and Co-Director of UCLA's Center on Conflict Resolution. She has taught as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Legal Theory at the University of Toronto, a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, and as a clinical professor at the University of Pennsylvania. As a Fulbright scholar in 2007, Professor Menkel-Meadow taught and conducted research in Chile, Argentina and China. A national expert in alternative dispute resolution, the legal profession, and legal ethics, clinical legal education, feminist legal theory, and women in the legal profession, Professor Menkel-Meadow has written and lectured extensively in these fields. She is the author of Dispute Resolution: Beyond the Adversarial Model (2005); Negotiation: Processes for Problem Solving (2006); Mediation: Theory, Policy & Practice (2006); What's Fair: Ethics for Negotiators (with Michael Wheeler, 2004) and Dispute Processing & Conflict Resolution (2003), and over 100 articles. She has won the Center for Public Resources' First Prize for Scholarship in Alternative Dispute Resolution three times (in 1983, 1990, and 1998). She has also won the Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching at UCLA and the Frank Flegal Teaching Award at Georgetown (2006). She chaired the CPR-Georgetown Commission on Ethics and Standards in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the American Bar Foundation and on the Research Grants Committee of the Law School Admissions Council. She is on the Executive Committee of the International Institute of Conflict Prevention and Resolution (formerly CPR). She also sits on numerous boards of public interest organizations and the editorial boards of journals in dispute resolution, law and social science and feminism. She has chaired the AALS Sections on Law and Social Science, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Women in Legal Education, and has been on the Executive Committee of the Section on Clinical Education. In addition to her scholarship, research, and teaching, Professor Menkel-Meadow often serves as a mediator and arbitrator in public and private settings and has trained lawyers and mediators in the United States and on five continents. She is was the director of the Georgetown Hewlett Fellowship Program in Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving, and the co-editor of the Journal of Legal Education, and is currently co-editor of the International Journal of Law in Context (with Michael Freeman of the Faculty of Law, University College London).

Representative Publications

Book Chapters

MEDIATION: PRACTICE, POLICY AND ETHICS (with L. Love and A. Schneider; Aspen Publishers, 2006)

NEGOTIATION: PROCESS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING (with L. Love and A. Schneider; Aspen Publishers, 2006)

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: BEYOND THE ADVERSARIAL MODEL (with L. Love, A. Schneider and J. Sternlight; Aspen Publishers, 2005)

WHAT'S FAIR: ETHICS FOR NEGOTIATORS (Editor, with M. Wheeler; Jossey-Bass, 2004)



NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES WORKSHOP (with C. Craver; CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, 1998)

Restorative Justice: What Is It and Does It Work? In ANNUAL REVIEW OF LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (2004).

Is There An Honest Lawyer in the Box? Legal Ethics on TV? in LAWYERS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM: LAW AND LAWYERS ON TELEVISION (Michael Asimow, editor, ABA Press, 2009)

"Of Process and People: Empirical Studies of Civil Procedure" in LAW'S DISCIPLINARY ENCOUNTERS: NEW FRONTIERS IN LAW'S ENGAGEMENT WITH THE SOCIAL SCIENCES (T. Halliday et al., eds.; with B. Garth; forthcoming)

"Ethics, Morality and Professional Responsibility in Negotiation" in DISPUTE RESOLUTION ETHICS: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE (P. Bernard and B. Garth eds.; ABA, 2002)

"Mediation, Arbitration, and Alternative Dispute Resolution," in ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEHAVIORAL & SOCIAL SCIENCES (N. Smelser & P. Baltes, eds.; Elsevier, 2001)

"Ethics in Alternative Dispute Resolution: New Issues" and "No Answers from the Adversary Conception of Lawyers' Responsibilities" in MEDIATION: THEORY, POLICY AND PRACTICE (Ashgate, 2001); reprinted from 38 SOUTH TEXAS LAW REVIEW 407 (1997)

"The Trouble with the Adversary System in a Postmodern, Multicultural World" in MEDIATION: THEORY, POLICY AND PRACTICE (Ashgate, 2001), reprinted from 38 WILLIAM & MARY LAW REVIEW 5 (1996)

"The Many Ways of Mediation: The Transformation of Traditions, Ideologies, Paradigms and Practices" in MEDIATION: THEORY, POLICY AND PRACTICE (Ashgate, 2001), reprinted from 11 NEGOTIATION JOURNAL 217 (1995)

"Whose Dispute is it Anyway?: A Philosophical and Democratic Defense of Settlement (In Some Cases)" in MEDIATION: THEORY, POLICY AND PRACTICE (Ashgate, 2001), reprinted from 83 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL 2663 (1995)

"The Limits of Adversarial Ethics" in ETHICS IN PRACTICE (D. Rhode, ed.; Oxford Press, 2000)

"The Causes of Cause Lawyering: Toward an Understanding of the Motivation and Commitment of Social Justice Lawyers" in CAUSE LAWYERING: POLITICAL COMMITMENTS AND PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES (A. Sarat and S. Scheingold, eds.; Oxford University Press, 1998)

"Will Managed Care Give Us Access to Justice?" in ACHIEVING CIVIL JUSTICE: APPROPRIATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN THE 1990S (R. Smith, ed.; Legal Action Group, 1996)

"Women's Way of 'Knowing' Law" in KNOWLEDGE DIFFERENCE AND POWER: ESSAYS INSPIRED BY WOMEN'S WAYS OF KNOWING (N. Goldberg, et al., eds.; Basic Books, 1996)

"Portia Redux: Another Look at Gender, Feminism, and Legal Ethics" in LEGAL ETHICS AND LEGAL PRACTICE: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES (S. Parker and C. Sampford, eds.; Clarendon Press, 1995)

dora neo

Dora Neo

National University of Singapore

MA (Oxford), LLM (Harvard), Barrister (Gray's Inn), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore)

Phone: (0065) 6516-3609
Fax: (0065) 6779-0979

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Eu Tong Sen Building
469G Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259776

Brief Bio

Dora Neo started her career as an advocate and solicitor before joining the NUS Law Faculty. She teaches contract law, credit & security and international banking law, and researches in these areas as well as in world trade law and the law relating to sale of goods. She has served several terms as Director of the faculty's Continuing Legal Education Program, and was Vice-Dean (Research & Graduate Studies) from 2001-2003. A first class honours graduate from Oxford University, UK, she also holds an LLM from Harvard Law School and a Certificate in Private Banking from the Wealth Management Institute, Singapore, and has been called to the bar in England and Singapore. In the 1990s, she was a consultant to the Minister of Law and was also seconded to the Ministry of Law. She has conducted training for professionals and government officials in areas including contract law, banking law and world trade law, and since 2007, has taught in the World Trade Organisation's Regional Trade Policy Course in Singapore. She has researched at institutions such as the UN Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in Vienna, Austria and has presented papers in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. Her past appointments include being a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School and at Georgetown University, Washington DC, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Aix-Marseille III, France. In addition to having an interest in university administration and organizational management by virtue of her past membership in faculty and university-level committees, she has served on government and professional committees (in areas including censorship, publications, conferences, service improvement and law reform) and was a Senate member of the Singapore Academy of Law. She is a member of the Injunctions Review Panel constituted under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act in Singapore, and an external examiner for the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong.

Representative Publications

"Exclusion Clauses and the Issuing Bank's Obligations Towards the Applicant in Letter of Credit Transactions" in Lives in the Law: Essays in Honour of Peter Ellinger, Koh Kheng Lian and Tan Sook Yee (2007)

"China, India and the Global Outsourcing of Services Under GATS" paper presented at conference on China, India and the International Economic Order, Singapore (2006)

"Fixed and Floating Charges Over Book Debts: A Postmortem on the Debate" Singapore Academy of Law Journal (2005)

"Services, free trade agreements and the world trade organization: A modest study of the US-Singapore FTA" Paper presented at Harvard Law School, USA 2004.

"'Sale in the course of a business' under the Sale of Goods Act" Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (2000)

International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Commercial & Economic Law Singapore, Kluwer Law International (2000, with L. Hsu)

Victor v. ramraj

Victor Ramraj

National University of Singapore

PhD (Toronto), LLM (Queen's University Belfast), LLB, MA (Toronto), BA Hons (McGill), Barrister & Solicitor (Ontario)

Phone: (0065) 6516-3601
Fax: (0065) 6779-0979

Dean's Office, ETS-01-10
Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Eu Tong Sen Building
469G Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259776

Brief Bio

VICTOR V. RAMRAJ is an Associate Professor and Vice-Dean (Academic Affairs) in the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. He has qualifications in law (LL.B., Toronto; LL.M., Queen's University Belfast) and philosophy (B.A. Hons., McGill; M.A., Ph.D., Toronto) and was called to the bar of Ontario in 1995. Before joining the NUS law school, he served as a judicial law clerk at the Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa and as a barrister in Toronto. His current areas of teaching and research are constitutional theory, comparative constitutional law, and emergency powers theory. His recent books include, as contributing editor, Emergencies and the Limits of Legality (Cambridge University Press, 2008) and, as contributing co-editor, Fundamental Principles of Criminal Law (LexisNexis, 2005). His scholarly work has also been published in edited volumes and leading law journals. He has held visiting appointments in the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Kyushu University, and, in 2009-2010, at the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies in London, and has presented academic papers to audiences in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He is currently co-editing a collection of essays, Emergency Powers in Asia, which will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2009.

Representative Publications

  1. Emergencies and the Limits of Legality (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008) (edited volume).
  2. Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy (Cambridge: CUP, 2005) (co-edited with M Hor and K Roach).
  3. Fundamental Principles of Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (Singapore: LexisNexis, 2005) (with Chan WC and M Hor).
  4. "Four Models of Due Process" (2004), 2 International Journal of Constitutional Law 492-524.
  5. "Multiculturalism and Accommodative Liberalism Revisited" [2005] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 159-69.
  6. "Freedom of the Person and the Principles of Criminal Fault" (2002) 18 South African Journal on Human Rights 225-58.

Kent Roach

Kent Roach University of Toronto

Master of Laws, Yale Law School
Bachelor of Laws, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
Bachelor of Arts, political science and history,
Victoria College, University of Toronto

Phone: (001) 416-946-5645
Fax: (001) 416-978-2648

Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
78 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 2C5

Brief Bio

Kent Roach is Prichard-Wilson Chair of Law and Public Policy at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, with cross-appointments in criminology and political science, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of  Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto and of Yale, and a former law clerk to Justice Bertha Wilson of the Supreme Court of Canada.  

Professor Roach's books include Constitutional Remedies in Canada (winner of the 1997 Owen Prize for best law book), Due Process and Victims' Rights: The New Law and Politics of Criminal Justice (short-listed for the 1999 Donner Prize for best public policy book), The Supreme Court on Trial: Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue (short-listed for the 2001 Donner Prize), September 11: Consequences for Canada (named one of the five most significant books of 2003 by the Literary Review of Canada) and (with Robert J. Sharpe) Brian Dickson: A Judge's Journey (winner of the 2004 J.W. Dafoe Prize for best contribution to the understanding of Canada). He is also the author of Criminal Law 4th ed (2009) and co-author (with Robert J. Sharpe) of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms 3rd ed (2005)  and (with Ken Jull and Todd Archibald) of Regulatory and Corporate Liability: From Due Diligence to Risk Management (2005). Professor Roach was a contributor to the Oxford Companion to Legal Scholarship and he has written over 120 articles and chapters published in Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as in Canada. Since 1998, Professor Roach has been editor-in-chief of the Criminal Law Quarterly.

In recent years, Professor Roach has specialized in anti-terrorism law and policy and is the co-editor of The Security of Freedom: Essays on Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill (2001) and Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy (2005).  Professor Roach also served on the research advisory committee for  the Commission of Inquiry into the Actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Maher Arar and is Director of Research (Legal Studies) for the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182.

Professor Roach also served on the research advisory committee of the Ipperwash Inquiry into the killing of Dudley George. He was research director for the Ontario Law Reform Commission's Report on Public Inquiries (1992) and for the Commission of Inquiry into Forensic Pediatric Pathology (2007).  He has represented Aboriginal and civil liberties groups in many interventions before the courts, including in the landmark Supreme Court of Canada cases of Stillman, Latimer, Gladue and Sauve.  In 2008, the students at the Faculty of Law honoured Professor Roach with the Alan Mewett award for excellence in teaching. His current research involves the comparative study of miscarriages of justice, comparative judicial review and comparative anti-terrorism law and policy.

Representative Publications

"The Consequences of Compelled Self-Incrimination in Terrorism Investigations: A  Comparison of American Grand Juries and Canadian Investigative Hearings" 30 Cardozo L.Rev. 1089 (2008)

"A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Anti-Terrorism Law" (2007) 30 University of New South Wales Law Journal 53-85.

"Review and Oversight of National Security Activities with Some Reflections on Canada's Arar Inquiry" (2007) 29 Cardozo Law Review 53-84

"Sources and Trends in Post 9/11 Anti-Terrorism  Laws" in L. Lazurus and B. Goold Human Rights and Security (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2007) at 227-256

"Multiculturalism, Muslim Minorities and Security Policy" 2006 Singapore J. of Legal Studies 405- 438

"The post 9/11 Migration of  Britain's Terrorism Act, 2000" in Sujit Choudhry ed. The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006) at 374-402

"Must We Trade Rights for Security: The Choice Between Smart, Harsh or Proportionate Security Strategies in Canada and the United Kingdom" (2006) 27 Cardozo L. Rev. 2151-2221

(with Gary Trotter) "Miscarriages of Justice in the War Against Terror" (2005) 109 Penn. Stat Law Rev. 967-1041.

"The Criminal Law and Terrorism" in Ramraj, Hor and Roach eds Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005) at 129-151

"The World Wide Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Laws after September 11" (2004) CXVI (III Serie), III, 2004 Fasc. 3 Studi Senesi (University of Siena's law review) 487-527

Francisco Satiro

Francisco Satiro University of São Paulo
LL.B. (University of São Paulo)
Ph.D. Business Law (University of São Paulo)

Phone: (0055) 11 3111-4008
Fax: (0055) 11 3111-4008

Law School - University of São Paulo (USP)
Department of Business Law
Largo São Francisco, 95
São Paulo - SP

Brief Bio

FRANCISCO SATIRO is a full professor at the University of São Paulo - USP and at Fundaçáo Getulio Vargas de São Paulo - EDESP-FGV where teaches Business Law, Insolvency and Capital Markets Regulation. After graduating in Law at the University of São Paulo, concluded his Ph.D in 2002, in the same institution. He has recent publications about derivatives and insolvency statutes. Professor Satiro has acted as consultant for the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA) and is a member of the Tullio Ascarelli Institute for Comparative Law and IBR - Brazilian Institute for Companies Reorganization.

Karsten Thorn

Karsten Thorn

Bucerius Law School

Phone: (0049) 40 30706-177
Fax: (0049) 40-30706-144

Bucerius Law School
Jungiusstrasse 6
20355 Hamburg

Brief Bio

Professor Thorn is full professor for Civil Law, Private International and International Commercial Law, and Comparative Law at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, since 2004. He teaches and researches in different fields of private international law, international commercial law, and conflict of laws. He was a member of the full time faculty of the Summer Law Institute, Suzhou, which is a multinational business transactions workshop organized by Bucerius Law School, Cornell University Law School and Kenneth Wang Law School, Soochow University, which brings together law professors, legal practitioners and about 100 law students of all three jurisdictions. He composed the conception and held the training of the MBA-course in "Business Law: Focus on Asian-European Business Transactions" for Chinese and international executives with substantial experience in management at the China Europe International Business School, Shanghai. Professor Thorn taught as a guest lecturer at the University of Metz and at the University of Orléans, both in France. He is member of several academic or professional associations, among them the German-American Lawyers Association. Since 2005, he is Co-Editor of IPRax - Praxis des Internationalen Privat- und Verfahrensrechts - one of the most distinguished German law journals on conflict of laws. Professor Thorn is also co-author of the "Palandt" one of the most important commentaries on the German Civil Code.

Recent Representative Publications


Fälle zum Internationalen Privatrecht (Cases on Private International Law), 3rd, revised ed., 2007 (in cooperation with Dr. Angelika Fuchs and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hau)

Internationales Privatrecht: einschließlich der Grundzüge des internationalen Zivilverfahrensrechts (Private International Law, including an introduction to international civil procedure, 9th, revised ed., 2007 (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Bernd von Hoffmann)


"Palandt"-Editor since 68. ed. 2009 of the 2nd chapter "Private International Law" in the first part: Art. 3-47 EGBGB (Code on conflicts of law)

Art. 39 EGBGB (Code on conflicts of law), in: J. von Staudingers Kommentar zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch mit Einführungsgesetz und Nebengesetzen, 2001 (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Bernd von Hoffmann)

Book Chapters

Der Unternehmer im Kollisionsrecht (The contractor in conflict of laws), in: Bitter, Lutter, Priester, Schön, Ulmer (Hrsg.), Festschrift für Karsten Schmidt zum 70. Geburtstag (2009), S. 1561-1580

Eingriffsnormen (Mandatory rules), in: Leible (eds.), Ein neues Internationales Vertragsrecht für Europa - Der Vorschlag für eine Rom I Verordnung, p. 129-149

Besondere Kollisionsnormen und allgemeine Lehren des IPR (Specific rules and basic theory of Private International Law), in: Mansel/Kronke/Hausmann/Kohler/Pfeiffer (eds.), Festschrift für Erik Jayme (2004), p. 1128-1141

The German Conflict of Laws Rules on Registered Partnerships, in: Boele-Woelki/Fuchs (eds.), Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Couples in Europe, Antwerp 2003 (Intersentia), p. 159-168

The German Law on Same-Sex Partnerships, in: Boele-Woelki/Fuchs (eds.), Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Couples in Europe, Antwerp 2003 (Intersentia), p. 84-98

Länderbericht "Germany" (National report "Germany"), in: von Ziegler/Ronøe/Debattista/Plégat-Kerrault (eds.), Transfer of Ownership in International Trade, Den Haag 1999 (Kluwer Law International), p. 181-200

Franz werro (acaDemic co-director)

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Frank Werro

Georgetown Law
University of Fribourg

Privat-Docent, Venia legendi in Private and Comparative Law, University of Fribourg, 1992

Master's degree (LL.M.) at Boalt Hall School of Law, Berkeley, University of California, 1986

Docteur en droit (Ph.D), summa cum laude, University of Fribourg, 1986

Phone: (0041) 26 300 80 53
Fax: (0041) 6 300 97 89

Département de droit privé
11, Avenue de Beauregard
1700 Fribourg

Brief Bio

Professor Werro shares his life between the Faculté de droit of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and the Georgetown University Law Center. He teaches and researches in different fields of private law, including the law of obligations, European private law and comparative law. He was a visiting professor at the Cornell Law School (Ithaca, NY) and at a number of European Law schools, including the Universita degli Studi di Trieste (Italy), the Scuola Superiore Santa Anna in Pisa (Italy), the University of Pau (France) and the University of Bordeaux (France). He has also been teaching for a number of years with the Tulane Summer law program in Paris. On the side, Professor Werro acts as an arbitrator and as a consultant in international commercial disputes. He is on the board of a number of Swiss and European Journals and is involved in different projects of continuing legal education in Switzerland. He has recently published a treatise on Swiss tort law as well as a number of essays on the impact of EC law on national private law. One of his recent publications is a monograph on European tort law. Focusing on strict liability, this last study is part of the Common Core project in Trento (Italy) and was written together with Professor Vernon Palmer of the Tulane Law School. Professor Werro taught as a visiting professor at the Georgetown University Law Center in the fall semesters of 1999 and 2000. He has been a permanent member of the law center since 2001. In 2009 - 2010, Professor Werro was a co-director for the Center for Transnational Legal Studies, in London.

Representative Publications


La responsabilité civile (Berne: Stämpfli, 2nd ed. forthcoming).


European Private Law. A Handbook, vol. II (with Mauro Bussani) (Berne/Durham/Bruxelles : Stämpfli / Carolina Academic Press / Bruylant, forthcoming).

Commentaire romand. Code des obligations I (with Luc Thévenoz) (Basel: Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 2nd forthcoming).

Journées du droit de la circulation routière 2010 - Strassenverkehrsrechtstagung 2010 with Thomas Probst) (Berne: Stämpfli 2010).

European Private Law. A Handbook, vol. I (with Mauro Bussani) (Berne/Durham/Bruxelles : Stämpfli / Carolina Academic Press / Bruylant 2009).

La pratique contractuelle (with Pascal Pichonnaz) (Zurich: Schulthess 2009).

Le dommage corporel (with Pascal Pichonnaz) (Berne: Stämpfli 2009).

La pluralité des responsables (Berne: Stämpfli 2009).

Journées du droit de la circulation routière 2008 - Strassenverkehrsrechtstagung 2008 with Thomas Probst) (Berne: Stämpfli 2008).

Mélanges en l'honneur de Pierre Tercier (with Peter Gauch and Pascal Pichonnaz), (Zurich: Schulthess 2008).

Articles and book chapters

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« Pour un droit privé social et démocratique », Universitas Friburgensis, March 2008, p. 27.

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