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King's College

"Academic content was really inspiring and rewarding. I have been teaching for over 15 years and this is just about the most interesting thing I have ever done in teaching. Students were great and colleagues were fantastic."

Spring 2009 Faculty

Gary Bell

Gary Bell

National University of Singapore

LLM (Columbia), LLB BCL (McGill), BTh (Laval), Advocate (Quebec)

Phone: (0065) 6516-3635
Fax: (0065) 6779-0979

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Eu Tong Sen Building
469G Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259776

Brief Bio 

After an undergraduate degree in theology (BTh) at the Université Laval (Quebec City), Gary F. Bell obtained degrees in both the common law (LLB) and the civil law (BCL.) at McGill University in Montreal and an LLM at Columbia University in New York City. He was Editor in Chief of the McGill Law Journal, clerked for Justice Stevenson of the Supreme Court of Canada and taught at McGill University. He teaches in comparative law (Comparative Legal Traditions, International and Comparative Law of Sale, Indonesian Law). He does most of his research on Indonesian law and on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. He is the Director of the Asian Law Institute.

Representative Publications

1. "The New Indonesian Laws Relating to Regional Autonomy: Good Intentions, Confusing Laws", (2001) 2 Asian Pacific Law and Policy Journal 1 at

2. "Minority Rights and Regionalism in Indonesia - Will Constitutional Recognition Lead to Disintegration and Discrimination?", (2001) 5 Singapore Journal of International and Comparative Law 784.

3. "Indonesia: The new Regional Autonomy Law, two years later" in South East Asian Affairs 2003 (Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2003) at 117-131.

4. "The US Legal Tradition in Western Legal Systems" in Jane Ginsburg, Legal Methods: Cases and Materials, (2003) pp. 65-72 (new edition, reviewed and expended text).

5. "The 1945 [Indonesian] Constitution - Constitutions do not Perform Miracles", 2001, Vol. III, No. 6 Van Zorge Report on Indonesia - Commentary and Analysis on Indonesian Politics and Economics at p. 4.

6. "The Singapore Legal System in Context - Whither the Concept of the National Legal System" in Kevin Y.L. Tan (ed.), The Singapore Legal System, 2d ed. (Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1999).

andrea biondi

Andrea Biondi

King's College London

J.D., M.A., PhD (University of Florence)



Brief Bio 

Andrea Biondi is Professor of European Union Law and the Co-Director of the Centre for European Law at King's College London. He is a visiting professor at the College of Europe in Warsaw and at Georgetown University. He is a member of the Bar of Florence as well as being an Academic Member of Francis Taylor Buildings Chambers in London. Professor Biondi is on the International Advisory Board of European Public Law, King's College Law Journal, London Law Review, the European Public Private Partnership Law Review and he is the General Editor of the Kluwer European Law Collection.
Andrea's research interest is European Union law, with particular emphasis on the judicial protection of EU rights and regulation of trade. He has written extensively on the notion of effective judicial protection and on the pros and cons of harmonisation of procedural rules at the European Level. As regards trade law, he is particularly interested in the free movement of goods and services. His interest in EC State aid law focuses mainly on the question of how an appropriate balance can be struck between trade liberalization and the role of the State in the economy.

Representative Publications

Biondi, A., Eeckhout, P., & Flynn, J., (eds.), The Law of EC State Aids, (2003) OUP, Oxford

Biondi, A., Recurring Cycles in the Internal Market: some reflections on the law of free movement of services, in Arnull, A., Eeckhout, P., and Tridimas, T., Continuity and Change in EU Law: essays in honor of Sir F.Jacobs, (2007), OUP, Oxford

Biondi, A., The notion of State resources in European Community State Aid Law, 30 Fordham International Law Journal, (2007), 501.

Biondi, A., The Law of EU State Aid, in Frignani, A., and Pardolesi, R., (eds.), EC Competition Law, Milan (2006)

Biondi, A., The rule of reason and national procedural limitations: is it really reasonable?, in Schrauwen, A., (ed.), Rule of Reason: Rethinking another classic EC legal doctrine, Europa Law Publishing, Amsterdam (2005)

Biondi, A., Judges in the dock: note on Commission v Italy (2004) Il Diritto dell'Unione Europea 619

Biondi, A. and Rubini, L., State aid law: between social objectives and public services, in M. Dougan, M, and Spaventa, E., (eds.), Social Welfare and EU law, Hart, Oxford (2004)

Biondi, A., Free trade, a mountain road and the right to protest: European economic freedoms & fundamental individual rights (2004) European Human Rights Law Review 51-61

David Cole (academic co-director)

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David Cole

Georgetown University Law Center

BA, JD (Yale)

Phone: (001) 202-662-9078

Georgetown University Law Center
McDonough Hall 462
600 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

Brief Bio

David Cole teaches constitutional law, national security, and criminal justice at Georgetown University Law Center. He is also a volunteer attorney for the Center for Constitutional Rights, the legal affairs correspondent for The Nation, a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books, and a commentator on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. He has been published widely in law journals and the popular press, including the Yale Law Journal, California Law Review, Stanford Law Review, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times. He is the author of six books. Less Safe, Less Free: Why America Is Losing the War on Terror, published in 2007, and co-authored with Jules Lobel, won the Palmer Civil Liberties Prize for best book on national security and civil liberties. Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism, received the American Book Award in 2004. No Equal Justice: Race and Class in the American Criminal Justice System was named Best Non-Fiction Book of 1999 by the Boston Book Review, and best book on an issue of national policy in 1999 by the American Political Science Association.  His most recent book is The Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable (2009).

He has litigated many significant constitutional cases in the Supreme Court, including Texas v. Johnson and United States v. Eichman, which extended First Amendment protection to flagburning; National Endowment for the Arts v. Finley, which challenged political content restriction on NEA funding; and most recently, Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, which challenged the constitutionality of the statute prohibiting "material support" to terrorist groups, which makes speech advocating peace and human rights a crime. He has been involved in many of the nation's most important cases involving civil liberties and national security, including the case of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen rendered to Syria by U.S. officials and tortured there.

New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis has called David "one of the country's great legal voices for civil liberties today," and Nat Hentoff has called him "a one-man Committee of Correspondence in the tradition of patriot Sam Adams." David has received numerous awards for his human rights work, including from the Society of American Law Teachers, the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU of Southern California, the ABA Section on Individual Rights and Responsibilities, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Representative Publications


David D. Cole & Jules Lobel, Less Safe, Less Free: The Failure of Preemption in the War on Terror (New York: New Press 2007).

David D. Cole & James X. Dempsey, Terrorism and the Constitution: Sacrificing Civil Liberties in the Name of National Security (New York: New Press rev. 3d ed. 2006).

David D. Cole, Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (New York: New Press rev. pbk. ed. 2005).

David D. Cole, Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (New York: New Press 2004).

David D. Cole, Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (New York: New Press 2003).


David D. Cole, Against Citizenship as a Predicate for Basic Rights, 75 Fordham L. Rev. 2541-2548 (2007).

David D. Cole & Peter H. Schuck, Citizenship in a Post 9/11 World, 75 Fordham L. Rev. 2531-2540 (2007).

David D. Cole, Double Standards, Democracy, and Human Rights, 18 Peace Rev. 427-437 (2006).

David D. Cole, Fighting Terrorism - Not the Constitution, 12 Responsive Community: Rights and Responsibilities 48-55 (2001/2002).

David D. Cole, The Idea of Humanity: Human Rights and Immigrants' Rights, 37 Colum. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 627-658 (2006).

David D. Cole, The Liberal Legacy of Bush v. Gore, 94 Geo. L.J. 1427-1474 (2006).

David D. Cole & Martin S. Lederman, The National Security Agency's Domestic Spying Program: Framing the Debate, 81 Ind. L.J. 1355-1425 (2006).

David D. Cole et al., NSA Wiretapping Controversy: A Debate Between Professor David D. Cole and Professor Ruth Wedgwood, 37 Case W. Res. J. Int'l L. 509-535 (2006).

David D. Cole, Reviving the Nixon Doctrine: NSA Spying, the Commander-In-Chief, and Executive Power in the War On Terror, 13 Wash. & Lee J. Civil Rts. & Soc. Just. 17-40 (2006).

David D. Cole, Constitutional Crisis?, Dissent, Fall 2005, at 9-10.

Diogo R. Coutinho

Diogo Coutinho

University of Sao Paulo

MSc (London School of Economics), PhD (University of Sao Paulo)

Phone: (0055) 11 3111-4013
Fax: (0055) 11 3111-4020

Faculty of Law, University of Sao Paolo
Department of Economic and Finance Law
Largo Sao Francisco, 95
Sao Paulo - SP

Brief Bio

Diogo R. Coutinho is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), where he teaches economic law and political economy, and Senior Researcher at the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP). He holds a Master's degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Ph.D. from the University of Sao Paulo. Since 2007 he is a researcher at the Law and the New Developmental State (LANDS) project, coordinated by Professor David Trubek (University of Wisconsin School of Law). In 2007 he has attended the Cambridge Programme on Rethinking Development Economics (CAPORDE). Prof. Coutinho has written on regulatory reform, competition, law and public policies, law and development, and democratization in Brazil.

Alison Duxbury

Alison Duxbury

University of Melbourne

BA (University of Melbourne), LLM (University of Cambridge)

Phone: (0061) 3 834 41002

Brief Bio

Alison Duxbury joined the Law School as a Senior Lecturer in 2001. She holds bachelor degrees in Arts and Laws (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, and a Master of Law from the University of Cambridge, where she was a Pegasus Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar. Following completion of her undergraduate degrees, Alison worked at Blake Dawson Waldron and was admitted to practise in 1994. Prior to her appointment at Melbourne, Alison worked at the London office of Clifford Chance and Monash University.
Alison is a member of the Australian Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Committee (Victorian Division), the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law, and the International Advisory Commission of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative based in Delhi. She is currently Convenor of the University's Human Rights Forum. In 2000, Alison was a Dame Lillian Penson Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in London, and in 2004 and 2006 she was a Visiting Fellow at the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge. Alison has undertaken advice work in the areas of international law and human rights, and has published in Australian and overseas law journals in these fields. She has forthcoming publications in the Singapore Yearbook of International Law (on regional institutions in Asia), the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law (the report of the Australian correspondent), and the Public Law Review (on White v Director of Military Prosecutions). Alison is currently updating the Defence Title for Halsbury's Laws of Australia.

Representative Publications

'David Hicks: Where to Next?' (2006) 13(4) CHRI News 4.

'The Progressive Development of Human Rights Standards at CHOGM' (2004) 11(4) CHRI News 1-3.

'The Iraqi Special Tribunal' (2004) 15 INTERIGHTS Bulletin 36-37.

A. Coles, P. Dharmadasa, Duxbury A and C. Klein, 'Australian Correspondents` Report' (2004) Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 446-454.

'Review of Charlesworth`s Writing in Rights - Australia and the Protection of Human Rights' (2002) 14 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 125-126.

'Book Review: International Law and Australian Federalism' (2000) 12 Pacifica Review 316-317.

A. Duxbury and S. Brennan, 'Sovereign Immunity and Sovereign Impunity: An Update on the Pinochet Case' (1999) International Law News 15-25.

'A v. Australia - Arbitrary Detention in Australia' (1998) International Law News 11-15.

'Review of Communicating with the Human Rights Committee and Petitioning the CERD Committee' (1998) 4 Indigenous Law Bulletin 22.

'The Anti-Teoh Bill Revisited' (1997) International Law News 28-33.

Calixto Salomao Filho

University of Sao Paulo

LL.B. (University of Sao Paulo)
Ph.D., Comparative Commercial Law (University of Rome)
Full Professor of Commercial and Economic Law
Head of Commercial Law

Phone: (0055) 11 3111-4008

Faculty of Law, University of Sao Paolo
Department of Economic and Finance Law
Largo Sao Francisco, 95
Sao Paulo - SP

Brief Bio 

Professor Filho served as a visiting fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Law in Hamburg in 1991-1993. From 1994-1995 he was a visiting fellow at Yale Law School through the John M. Olin Fellowship for Studies in Capitalism. In 1996 he earned his Post Doctoral Degree "Habilitationschrift" at the University of Sao Paulo Law School. From 2006-2008 he has been a visiting professor at the Institut de Sciences Politiques. Professor Filho is a member of the Market Arbitration Panel of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa), member of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada and member of the Arbitration Panel of the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange (BM&F). 

Representative Publications 


A sociedade unipessoal, São Paulo, Malheiros, 1995.

Direito Concorrencial: as estruturas, 2a edição, São Paulo, Malheiros, 2002. (3rd edition, 2.008 )

O novo direito societário, 2a edição, São Paulo, Malheiros, 2002.

Regulação da atividade econômica - princípios e fundamentos jurídicos, São Paulo, Malheiros, 2001. (second edition, 2.008)

Regulação e concorrência - estudos e pareceres, São Paulo, Malheiros, 2002.

Regulação e desenvolvimento, São Paulo, Malheiros, 2002.

Direito concorrencial:  as condutas, São Paulo, Malheiros, 2003.

Poder de controle na sociedade anônima, Rio de Janeiro, forense, 2.005 (co-author with F. K. Comparato)


'Societas' com relevância externa e personalidade jurídica. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, São Paulo, v. 30, n. 81, p. 66-78, 1991.

La società unipersonale a responsabilità limitata nel diritto tedesco. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil, Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, vol. 83, 1991, p. 33-54

& Mario Stella Richter Jr., Note in temi di offerte pubbliche d'acquisto, ruolo degli amministratori ed interesse sociale. In: Rivista Del Diritto Commerciale e Del Diritto Generale Delle Obbligazioni, Italy, v. 91, n. 1-2, p. 113-155, 1991.

& Mario Stella Richter Jr., Interesse social e poderes dos administradores na alienação de controle. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, São Paulo, v. 32, n. 89, p. 65-78, 1992.

Sociedade cooperativa e disciplina da concorrência. In: Revista dos Tribunais, vol. 693, jul., 1993, p. 28-36.

Die Einmanngesellschaft in Brasilien. In: Schriften der Deutsch-lusitanisch Juristen Vereinigung, 1993, p. 51-63.

& Jürgen Samtleben, Der Südamerikanische Gemeinsame Markt - Eine rechtliche Analyse des Mercosur. In: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsund Bankrecht 33, 1993.

Liquidação de sentença por cálculo - matéria de prova - compra de controle acionário em sociedade dependente de autorização. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil, Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, vol. 90, abr./jun., 1994, p. 27-37.

& Jürgen Samtleben, O Mercado Comum Sul Americano: uma análise jurídica. In: Contratos internacionais. João Grandino Rodas (coord.). São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais, 1995, p. 239-277.

Sociedade Simulada. In Revista de Direito Mercantil, Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro. São Paulo , v.36, n. 105, (jan/mar. 1997), p. 70-73.

Atuação estatal e ilícito antitruste. In Revista de Direito Mercantil, Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro. São Paulo, v. 36, n. 106 (abr/jun 1997), p. 35-47.

Direito empresarial público. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil, Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, vol. 112, out./dez.,1998, p. 9-18.

Condutas Anticoncorrenciais no Setor Bancário. In: Seminário Internacional sobre Regulação e Defesa da Concorrência no Setor Bancário. Brasília, CADE/ ASBACE, 1999, p. 353-368.

Globalização e teoria jurídica do conhecimento econômico. In: Direito global. Carlos Ari Sundfeld e Oscar Vilhena Vieira (coord.). São Paulo, Max Limonad, 1999, p. 259-268.

Der MERCOSUL als Marktregelung. in Wirtschaftsrecht des MERCOSUR - Horizont 2000, Tagung im Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationals Privatrecht am 21.-22. Januar 2000, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, 2001, p.29-50.

Apontamentos para formulação de uma teoria jurídica dos cartéis. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, São Paulo, v. 40, n. 121, p. 18-29, 2001.

Sociedade anônima e mercado de capitais. In: La formazione del sistema internazionale giuridico latinoamericano: codici e giuristi, 2001, Salerno, Amalfi. Roma e America. Diritto Romano Comune. Roma: Mucchi Editore, 2002. v. 13, p. 265-271.

Teoría legal del conocimiento económico. In: Seminario en Latinoamérica de Teoría Constitucional y Politica 2001, Iquique, Chile. Estado de derecho y democracia - un debate acerca del 'rule of law'. Buenos Aires: Editores del Puerto s.r.l., 2002. p. 72-83.

Sociedade anônima: interesse público e privado. In: Revista de Direito Mercantil Industrial, Econômico e Financeiro, São Paulo, v. 127, n. 41, p. 7-20, 2002.

Revolution through law in the economic sphere. In: Seminario en Latinoamérica de Teoría Constitucional y Politica, 2002, Punta del Este. El derecho como objeto e instrumento de transformación. Buenos Aires: Editores del Puerto s.r.l., 2003. p. 3-29.

Direito como instrumento de transformação social e econômica. In: Revista de Direito Público da Economia, Belo Horizonte, v. 1, p. 15-44, 2003

Aldo Frignani

Aldo Frignani

University of Torino


Law Faculty San Maurizio 24
10124 Torino

Brief Bio   

After having graduated from the University of Modena (J.D.1962), John Hopkins University (1963) and the Faculté Internationale de Droit Comparé in Strasbourg (1963), he was admitted to the Italian Bar in 1965. He continued his studies at the New York University Law School (Naples program, 1971) and Academy of American and International Law, Dallas.

He is Professor of Comparative Law and of EC Law at the University of Turin, and was visiting Professor or lectured at the Universities of Ghent, Louvain, Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin, New York (Fordham University), Salzburg (McGeorge School of Law), Lyon, Dubrovnich, Istanbul and Harvard Law School. Frignani is also a member of the International Academy of Comparative Law; International Bar Association; International League of Competition Law;  Licensing Executives Society; and chairman of the European Franchise Lawyers Group. He held the post of Chairman of the association "Conversazioni di diritto bancario Cesare Manfredi", Turin. He is a founding partner of  Studio Frignani e Associati, with offices in Milan, Turin, and Reggio Emilia.

Representative Publications   

Disciplina della concorrenza nella CE, 4th ed., Turin, 1996 (in cooperation with Waelbroeck), 2nd ed. in French " Concurrence", ed. Commentaire J. Megret, Bruxelles, 1997; in Spanish " Derecho Europeo de la Competencia", Bosh, Barcelona, 1998; in English " European Competition Law" , Transnational Publishers, Inc. , Ardsley, NY, 2000.

Factoring, Leasing, Franchising, Venture Capital, Leveraged Buy-Out, Hardship Clause, Countertrade, Cash & Carry, Merchandising, Know-how, Securitization, 6th ed., Turin, 1996.

Il contratto internazionale, Padua, 1990.

Il diritto del commercio internazionale, 2nd ed., Milan, 1991.

Diritto antitrust italiano (co-editor and co-author), Bologna, 1993, 2 vols.

Chapter - Competition Law in Italy, in Competition Law in the EU, its member States and Switzerland (edited by O.W. Vogelaar, J. Stuyck, L.P. van Reeken), Kluwer, 2000, pp. 361-415.

L'arbitrato commerciale internazionale, Cedam, Padua, 2004.

La concorrenza, in Trattato di diritto comunitario (edited by Ajani and Benacchio), in cooperation with Pardolesi and others, Giappichelli, Turin, 2006. 

Alon harel 

Alon Harel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

LLB (Hebrew University), LLM (Hebrew University), LLM (Yale), PhD (Balliol College, Oxford)

Phone: (00970) 0 5882582

Representative Publications 

Alon Harel, The Economics of Stigma: Why More Detection of Crime May Result in Less Stigmatization (forthcoming in 36 Journal of Legal Studies, 2007) (with Alon Klement)

Alon Harel, Why Only the State May Inflict Criminal Sanctions: The Argument from Moral Burdens 28 Cardozo L. Rev. 2629-2645 (2007) (In a Symposium dedicated to George Fletcher's The Grammer of Criminal Law).

Alon Harel, The Right to Judicial Review 92 Va. L. Rev. 991-1022 (2006) (with Yuval Eylon).

Alon Harel, Matching Probabilities: The Behavioral Law & Economics of Repeated Behavior 72 University of Chicago L. Rev. 1197-2005 (2005) (with Ehud Guttel).

Alon Harel, Ex-Post Egalitarianism 21 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 57-75 (2005) (with Zvi Safra & Uzi Segal)

Alon Harel, Is There an Autonomy - Based Right to Do Wrong? Ragion Practia 39-57 (2005) (in Italian).

Alon Harel, Theories of Rights Blackwell's Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, 191-206 (eds. Martin P. Golding & William Edmundson, 2005).

Benign Segregation: A Case Study of the Practice of Gender Separation in Buses in the Ultra-Orthodox Community 20 South African Human Rights Law Journal, 64-85 (2004)

Comments & Reviews

Alon Harel, Notes on Waldron's Law and Disagreement: Defending Judicial Review 39 Israel Law Review 13-21 (2007)

Alon Harel, In Defense of an Involuntary Polity: Comments on Otsuka Vision of the Consensual Polity 55 Iyun, 310-316 (2006)

Alon Harel, Lecture: Uriel as a Metaphor 36 Mishpatim 3-12 (2006) (Speech delivered at the retirement ceremony of Professor Uriel Procaccia) (in Hebrew)

Alon Harel, Victims and Perpetrators: The Case against a Unified Theory of Comparative Liability in Criminal Law in Criminal Law 8 Buffalo Criminal Law Rev., 489-502 (2005).

Alon Harel, Skeptical Reflections on Judicial Opimism 4 Katharsis: A Critical Review in the Humanities and Social Sciences 22-50 (2005) (in Hebrew); Published also in English: 39 Israel L. Rev. 261-283 (2006).

Klaus Hoffmann-Holland

Klaus Hoffmann-Holland

Free University of Berlin

Phone: (0049) 030 / 838 54090

Faculty of Law
Chair of Criminology and Criminal Law
Van't-Hoff-Str. 8
14195 Berlin         


Brief Bio 

Klaus Hoffmann-Holland is University Professor at Free University of Berlin and holds the chair of Criminology  and Criminal Law. He received his law degrees from Justus-Liebig  Universität Gießen (Dr. iur. 2000; Dr. iur  habil. 2005, venia legendi criminology, criminal law,  juvenile justice and corrections). Prior to his appointment  in Berlin, he served as a public prosecutor and as a judge.  He taught at University of Gießen and University  of Warwick, School of Law. In 2005 he was awarded the  Dr.-Herbert-Stolzenberg-Prize for jurisprudence. He is  the author of several books and articles on criminal law, criminal procedure and criminology.

Colm O'Cinneide

Colm O'Cinneide

UCL (University College London)

BCL LLM LLM BL (King's Inns)


Brief Bio

Colm O'Cinneide joined the Faculty of Laws in 2001. He previously worked as Legal Officer to Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC (1999-2001), providing legal advice to parliamentarians, NGOs and the media on domestic and international human rights law, discrimination law and public policy. He has also lectured in Constitutional Law at the University of Limerick, Ireland (1998-1999) and was called to the Irish Bar in 1997. He is currently a member of the European Committee of Social Rights, the EU Network of Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field and the Blackstone Chambers Academic Panel.

Current research interests include the law of political parties, equality and anti-discrimination law, comparative constitutional law, and human rights law. Current publications being completed include an analysis of the use of positive duties and positive action in eliminating discrimination, the extent to which the ECHR provides some protection for socio-economic rights claims, and the statutory regulation of candidate selection by political parties.

Current Teaching: undergraduate Public Law, Civil Liberties and Human Rights, Tort and Discrimination Law. Graduate Comparative Human Rights Law and UK Human Rights and Equality Law

Ugo Pagallo

Ugo Pagallo

University of Torino

Phone.: (0039) 011 6703212

Law Faculty San Maurizio 24
10124 Torino

Brief Bio

Ugo Pagallo is a full Professor in Philosophy of Law  at the Faculty of Law, University of Turin, since 2000.  He graduated cum laude at the University of Bologna (1983)  and he is member of the National Bar Association of Italy  since 1986. PhD in Philosophy of Law at the University  of Padua (1990), he previously taught at the Universities  of Chieti, Bari, and at the Military Academy of Modena.  Former director of the e-journal L'ircocervo (  in 2001-2003, he is currently chief editor of the Digitalica  series published by Giappichelli in Turin. Member of the  Internationale Vereinung Rechtsphilosophie, the Italian  Society of Philosophy of Law, and the Institut International  d'Études Européennes, he worked with  the doctoral programs of the University of Padua (1996-2000),  and of Turin (since 2000) where he directed the PhD program  on "Computer Science and Law" (2004-2006).  He has coordinated various national research-projects,  among which Masters of Legal Thought in 20th Century-Italy  (2001) and The Principle of Subsidiarity (2004). In the  last years, he has also delivered lectures at the universities  of Helsinki, New York (IVR), Madrid (Complutense), Caracas  (UCV), Buenos Aires (UCA), Honolulu, Tokyo (Meiji), China  (Kunming), Stanford CA., Washington D.C. (Georgetown),  and at the European University of Fiesole, Florence. His  main research interests are Digital and Comparative Philosophy,  Topology of Complex Social Networks, History of Ideas  and General Theory of Law, especially applied to transformations  in European and International Law. In addition to numerous  essays in scholarly journals, as "Hobbes Studies" (1997-8) "Revista de filosofía práctica" (2001-4), "Journal of Chinese Philosophy" (2005), and "Apuntes filosóficos" (2007),  he is the author of seven monographs, among which Testi  e contesti dell'ordinamento giuridico (20013), Alle  fonti del diritto (2002), Introduzione alla filosofia  digitale (2005), Teoria giuridica della complessità (2006), and editor of Prolegomeni d'informatica giuridica (2003).

Representative Publications


U. Pagallo, Aliquid Est Sine Ratione: On Some Philosophical Consequences of Chaitin's Quest for O, in Randomness and Complexity. From Leibniz to Chaitin, edited by C. Calude, World Scientific: Singapore 2007, pp. 287-300;

U. Pagallo, "Small world" Paradigm and Empirical Research in Legal Ontologies: A Topological Approach, in The Multilanguage Complexity of European Law: Methodologies in Comparison, edited by G. Ajani, G. Peruginelli, G. Sartor, and D. Tiscornia, European Press Academic Publishing: Florence 2007, pp. 195-210;

U. Pagallo, "Small World" Paradigm in Social Sciences: Problems and Perspectives, in Glocalisation: Bridging the Global Nature of Information and Communication Technology and the Local Nature of Human Beings, edited by T. Ward Bynum, S. Rogerson, and K. Murata, e-SCM Research Center and University of Meiji: Tokyo 2007, pp. 456-465;

U. Pagallo and G. Ruffo, On the Growth of Collaborative and Competitive Networks: Opportunities and New Challenges, in Ethicomp Working Conference 2007, edited by S. Rogerson e H. Yang, Yunnan University 2007, pp. 92-97;

U. Pagallo and G. Ruffo, P2P Systems in Legal Networks: Another "Small World" Case, in "Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law", Acm, Stanford, CA. 2007, pp. 287-288;

U. Pagallo, Plato's Daoism and the Tübingen School, in "Journal of Chinese Philosophy", 2005, 32, 4, pp. 597-613. 


U. Pagallo, Gödel e il diritto, in La complessità di Gödel, edited by G. Lolli e U. Pagallo, Giappichelli: Torino 2008, pp. 113-124;

U. Pagallo, Fuor di metafora: Il caso della "rete nel diritto" tra fondamenti e cognizione di causa, in I fondamenti cognitivi del diritto, edited by R. Caterina, Mondadori, Milano 2008, pp. 149-156;

U. Pagallo, Bobbio a Padova. La natura dei fatti normativi alle prese con il fenomeno dell'"entanglement", in Metodo Linguaggio Scienza del diritto. Omaggio a Norberto Bobbio (1909-2004), a cura di A. Punzi, Giuffrè, Milano 2007, pp. 327-351;

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U. Pagallo (edited by), Privacy digitale. Giuristi e informatici a confronto, Giappichelli, Torino 2005.

Pascal Pichonnaz

Pascal Pichonnaz

University of Fribourg

JD (University of Fribourg), LLM (Berkeley)

Phone: 026 / 300.80.29
Fax: 026 / 300.96.91

Chair of Private Law and Roman Law
Beauregard 11, Rm. 5520
CH-1700 Fribourg

Brief Bio

- Visiting Professor (Liège [November 2002]; Pisa [in February 2003]; Glasgow [March 2003]; Clermont-Ferrand, [March 2007]; Rome II [April 2007]; Paris II [February 2008]; CTLS [Spring 2009]; Montpellier [April 2011])
- Professor (University of Fribourg), Chair of Private Law and Roman Law, since 2001
- Habilitation (venia legendi, private law, civil law and comparative law), 2001 ("La compensation" - Set-off: 725 pages)
- Associate Professor (University of Fribourg), Chair of private law and Roman law, 2000
- Doctor of Law, University of Fribourg, 1998 ("Impossiblité et exorbitance: Etude des obstacles à l'exécution, art. 119 CO and 79 CISG; 425 pages)
- LL.M. (UC Berkeley), 1997
- Patent attorneys, 1994
- Licence (LL.B.) mention bilingual, Fribourg University 1991

Charges in programs and legal associations

- Vice Dean of the Fribourg Law School and Dean for international relations
- President of the European Association of Faculties of Law (ELFA), 2008-2009; member of the Board since 2005
- Professor correspondent scientifico Consiglio del Consorzio Interuniversitario Gerard Boulvert, 2004
- General Secretary of the International Association of Boalt Hall Alumni, 2003-2008
- CoDirector of the Master of Laws in Cross-cultural Business Practice (MLCBP; (Fribourg University)
- Manager module "Law for the Executive Master on management in telecommunications," IIMT, University of Fribourg.

Representative Publications

Books (selection)

Pascal Pichonnaz, La compensation (Set-off). Analyse historique et comparative des modes de compenser non conventionnels, Fribourg 2001 (AISUF 208), LXXX-736 p. (International Award of civil law "Gerard Boulvert" 2001) (reviewed in: IVRA 52 (2001, published in 2005), p. 339-352 [Paolo Garbarino, Alessandria]; ZSS-RA 121 (2004), 605-613 [Gunther Wesener, Graz]; SJZ / RSJ 100 (2004), p. 606-608 [Jean-Philippe Dunand, Neuchâtel]).

Pascal Pichonnaz, Impossibilité et exorbitance (Impracticability or frustration), étude analytique des obstacles à l'exécution des obligations en droit suisse (art. 119 CO et 79 CVIM), thèse, AISUF 168, Fribourg 1997, LX-456 p.

Pascal Pichonnaz, Les fondements romains du droit privé, Zurich 2008, 611 p.

Pascal Pichonaz / Franz Werro (édit.), La pratique contractuelle: actualité et perspectives, Symposium en droit des contrats 2009, Geneva/Zurich 2009, 198 p.

Pascal Pichonnaz/Jean-Philippe Dunand, Lexique de droit romain (Lexicon of Roman law), 2nd ed, Zurich 2010, 175 p.

Pascal Pichonnaz/Bénédict Foëx, Commentaire romand du Code civil I, art. 1-348 CC, Basle 2010, XL + 2143 p

Marc Amstutz, Pascal Pichonnaz, Thomas Probst, Franz Werro, European Private Law, Selected directives, Berne 2011, 576 p.

Pascal Pichonnaz/Nicolas Kuonen (ed.), Exercises in family law, 2nd ed, Zurich 2010 (243 pages).

Articles (selection)

Pascal Pichonnaz, The evolving function of interpellatio in case of default, in: Rena van den Bergh/Gardiol van Niekerk (edit), Libellus ad Thomasium, Essays in Roman law, Roman-Dutch Law and Legal History in Honour of Philip J Thomas, Fundamina Editio specialis, Pretoria 2010, p. 274-287.

Pascal Pichonnaz, Les contrats innommés : quelques questions récurrentes, in : P. Pichonnaz/F. Werro (édit.), La pratique contractuelle : actualité et perspectives, Symposium en droit des contrats 2009, Genève/Zurich 2009, p. 21-44 (Innominate Contracts)

Pascal Pichonnaz, Chapter 8: Set-off, in: S. Vogenauer/J. Kleinheisterkamp (ed.), Commentary of UNIDROIT Principles on international commercial contracts, OUP, Oxford 2008.

Pascal Pichonnaz, Vers un contrôle amélioré des conditions générales en droit suisse? (Standard terms), in: P. Gauch/F Werro/P. Pichonnaz (ed.), Mélanges en l'honneur de Pierre Tercier, Genève/Zurich/Bâle 2008, p. 377-396.

Pascal Pichonnaz, Rabais, escompte et compte pro rata (Price reductions), BR/DC 2007, p. 100-106.

Pascal Pichonnaz, La prescription de l'action récursoire en cas de solidarité imparfaite, Commentaire de l'ATF 133 III 6, (Period of limitation in case of right of recourse) BR/DC 2007, p. 48-52.

Pascal Pichonnaz, La prescription de l'action en dommages-intérêts (Period of limitations for claim for damages): Un besoin de réforme, in: F. Werro (ed.), Le temps dans la responsabilité civile, Colloque du droit de la responsabilité civile 2005, Berne 2007, p. 71-106.

Stephen Waddams

Stephen Waddams

University of Toronto


Faculty of Law

University of Toronto
78 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 2C5

Brief Bio

Stephen Waddams is University Professor and the holder of the Goodman/Schipper chair at the Faculty of Law, where he has been teaching since 1968 and served as graduate co-ordinator from 1976 to 1987. He holds doctoral and master's degrees in law from Michigan, doctoral and undergraduate degrees from Cambridge, and law and bachelor's degrees from Toronto. He has been visiting senior research fellow, Jesus College, Oxford; visiting senior lecturer, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, and visiting fellow, All Souls College, Oxford. He is a fellow of Trinity College at the University of Toronto and was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1988. In 1989, he was awarded the Canadian Association of Law Teachers/Law Reform Commission of Canada Award for Outstanding Contribution to Legal Research and Law Reform; in 1994, the first Albert Abel Professorship; in 1996 the David W. Mundell medal for contributions to Law and Letters; and in 1999, a Killam Research Fellowship. He was appointed University Professor in 2005

Professor Waddams specializes in contract law and is the author of seven books: Products Liability, The Law of Contracts, The Law of Damages, Introduction to the Study of Law, Law, Politics and the Church of England, Sexual Slander in Nineteenth-Century England, and Dimensions of Private Law: Categories and Concepts in Anglo-American Legal Reasoning, as well as numerous law review articles and notes. He was co-winner of the Owen Prize in 1987 for The Law of Damages. He is also a past editor of University of Toronto Law Journal. In 1990, he received an award from the university student organizations for excellence in teaching.

Center for Transnational Legal Studies
37-39 High Holborn
London WC1V 6AA, United Kingdom