Satvinder Juss
King's College

"Academic content was really inspiring and rewarding. I have been teaching for over 15 years and this is just about the most interesting thing I have ever done in teaching. Students were great and colleagues were fantastic."

Spring 2013 Faculty

Ilan Benshalom

Ilan Benshalom Hebrew University

Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer


Brief Bio

Ilan Benshalom, L.L.B. (University of Jerusalem) 2002, LL.M  (University College London) 2003, LL.M (Yale Law School) 2005, JSD (Yale  Law School) 2007 is an Associate Professor in the Hebrew University  Faculty of Law. Taught previously at Northwestern School of Law as a  Visiting Assistant Professor. Researches in a great array of tax issues  including: theory of the tax base, international taxation, tax and  charity, tax and welfare policy. Was a grantee of Chevening and  Fulbright scholarships.


Taxing Cash, COLUM. TAX J. (forthcoming, 2013)

Formulary Apportionment - Myths and Prospects - Promoting Better  International Tax Policy by Utilizing the Misunderstood and  Under-theorized Formulary Alternative, WORLD TAX J. (forthcoming 2011)  (with Reuven Avi-Yonah).

Values and (Market) Valuations: A Critique of the Endowment Tax Consensus, 104 NW. U. L. REV. 1511 (2010) (with Kendra Stead).

Realization as Progressivity, 3 COLUM. TAX J. 43 (2012) (with Kendra Stead).

The New Poor at Our Gates: Global Justice Implications for International Trade and Tax Law, 85 N.Y.U. L. REV . 1 (2010).

How to Live With a Tax Code with Which You Disagree? Doctrine,  Optimal Tax, Common Sense and the Debt and Equity Distinction, 88 N.C.L.  REV. 1217 (2010).

The Dual Subsidy Theory of Charitable Deductions, 84 IND. L.J. 1047 (2010).

Taxing the Financial Income of Multinational Enterprises by  Employing a Hybrid Formulary and Arm's Length Allocation Method, 28 VA.  TAX REV. 619 (2009).

A Comprehensive Solution for a Targeted Problem: A Critique of the Home State Taxation Initiative, 48 EUR. TAXATION
630 (2008).

The Quest to Tax Interest Income in a Global Economy: Stages in the Development of International Income Taxation, 27
VA. TAX REV. 631 (2008).

The Quest to Tax Financial Income in a Global Economy: Emerging  to an Allocation Phase - Taxing Global Financial Institutions, 28 VA.  TAX REV. 165 (2008).

Sourcing the 'Unsourcable': The Cost Sharing Regulations and the  Sourcing of Affiliated Intangibles-Related Transactions, 26 VA. TAX REV.  631 (2007).

Regulating Work or Regulating Poverty: The U.S. Workfare Reform -  An Agenda of Inclusion or Exclusion? 6 U. TORONTO J.L. & EQUALITY  79 (2009).

Works in Progress

How to Redistribute? Critical Examination of Mechanisms to Promote Global Wealth Redistribution

Redistribution, Insurance, and Uncertainty in International Negotiations

Nozick's Impact on Modern Tax Policy Debate

Political Concerns over Rational Indifference

Roberto Caranta (Academic Co-Director)

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Roberto Caranta

University of Torino

Phone.: (0039) 0116703214 / (0039) 0116703211
Fax: (0039) 0116703211

Law Faculty San Maurizio 24
10124 Torino

Brief Bio

Roberto Caranta is full professor of administrative law with the  Law Faculty of the University of Turin (Italy). He is Director of the  Master on Public Procurement for Sustainable Development jointly managed  by his University and ITC-ILO Turin. He is directing (with Steen  Treumer) the European Procurement Law Series, DJØF, Copenhagen. He is  member of both the research networks Public Contracts in Legal  Globalization / Contrats Publics dans la Globalisation Juridique and  PLAN - Procurement Law Academic Network. He is a member of the Dispute  settlement board of the European Space Agency -ESA.

With ITC-ILO he is involvement in formation activities on Green  Public Procurements (GPP). Pending accession of new EU Member States he  was member in a number of expert groups for EU-Phare Projects, including  Approximation of Legislation in the Czech Republic, and EU-Obnova  Project (in Croazia - Support to the Ministry of European Integration in  the process of the approximation of law). With ITC-ILO he was and is  involved in formation projects on public procurement rules involving  participants from many countries, and missions abroad (including Saudi  Arabia and Bangladesh).

Representative Publications

On Discretion, in S. Prechal and B. van Roermund (eds.), The Coherence of EU Law. The Search for Unity in Divergent Concepts, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2008, 185;

The Fall from Fundamentalism in Italian Administrative Law, in M. Ruffert (ed), The Public-Private Law Divide: Potential for Transformation?, London, BIICL, 2009, 99-121;

212) Pleading for European Comparative Administrative Law: What is the Place for Comparative Law in Europe?,  in K.J. de Graaf, J.H. Jans, A. Prechal, R.J.G.M. Widdershoven (edds.)  European Administrative Law: Top-Down and Bottom-Up (Groningen, Europa  Law Publishing, 2009) 155-173;

(editor with M. Trybus) The Law of Green and Social Procurements in Europe, Copenhagen, DJØF, 2010;

Sustainable Public Procurement in the EU, in R. Caranta and M. Trybus (edds.) The Law of Green and Social Procurements in Europe, Copenhagen, DJØF, 2010, 15-51;

Transparence et concurrence, in R. Noguellou U. -  Stelkens (eds.) Droit comparé des contrats publics. Comparative Law on  Public Contracts (Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2010), 145-172;

Democracy, Legitimacy and Accountability - is there a Common European Theoretical Framework?, in M. Ruffert (ed.), Legitimacy in European Administrative Law: Reform and Reconstruction, Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2011, 175-196;

Le contentieux des contrats publics en Italie, in Rev. fr. dr. Adm. 2011, 54-61;

(editor con A. Gerbrandy) Tradition and Change in European Administrative Law, Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2011;

Evolving Patterns and Change in the EU Governance and their Consequences on Judicial Protection,  in R. Caranta and A. Gerbrandy (edds), Tradition and Change in European  Administrative Law, Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2011, 15-61;

Many Different Paths, but Are They All Leading to Effectiveness, in S. Treumer - F. Lichère (edds) Enforcement of the EU Public Procurement Rules, Copenhagen, DJØF, 2011, 53-93;

Damages for Breaches of EU Public Procurement Law: Issues of Causation and Recoverable Losses, in D. Fairgrieve - F. Lichère (edds.), Public Procurement Law. Damages as an Effective Remedy, Oxford, Hart, 2011, 167-184

Rémy Gerbay

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Remy Gerbay Queen Mary, University of London

Phone: (0044) 079 8879 2663

Queen Mary University
Law School
Mile End Road
London, E1 4NS

Brief Bio   

Rémy  Gerbay teaches international commercial law at Queen Mary  University in London. Prior to joining the School of Law at Queen Mary,  Rémy was the Deputy Registrar of the London Court of International  Arbitration (LCIA), between 2009 and 2012. Rémy was also acting  Registrar of the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre in Dubai.

Immediately prior to joining the LCIA, Rémy was in private  practice with English law firm Herbert Smith LLP, in London and Paris,  where he concentrated on commercial and investment arbitration (ICC,  LCIA, UNCITRAL and ICSID).

Rémy received a French law degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the  University of Lyon III, a two-year Master's in international law from  the Graduate Institute of International Studies (IUHEI, University of  Geneva), and an LL.M., Dean's List, from Georgetown University Law  Centre. For his work at Georgetown Law, Rémy was the recipient of the  Fulbright Scholarship. He was admitted to practice as an attorney (state  of New York) and as a Solicitor (England and Wales). Rémy has taught  international arbitration at SciencesPo (Paris) and Universite Jean  Moulin (Lyon), and regularly speaks at conferences.

Satvinder Juss

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Satvinder Juss King's College London


Room SW2.13
London, WC2R 2LS

Brief Bio

Professor Juss is a human rights expert focusing on policy-oriented  work. He contributed as a renowned expert at the invitation of the Home  Affairs Committee to a pioneering seminar on Human Trafficking at the  Houses fo Parliament on 14th May 2009, which brought together the Chairs  of all the Home Affairs Committees in Europe, in a new initiative to  harmonize standards and procedures in this field. He was also Consultant  in April 2009 to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in a  programme funded by the British Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, on issues of  expulsion, re-admission and voluntary return of migrants.  In 2010, he  advised the Government of Bermuda on legislation.

        Professor Juss has been involved in, and given policy speeches for,  various think-tanks, including the Royal Society of Arts, Encounter, and  the Rowntree Trust. He regularly appears as a practicising Barrister in  the High Court and the Court of Appeal and is listed as a "Legal  Expert" in the Directory of Legal Experts,. He has argued cases also in  the House of Lords and the Privy Council. He was counsel in the foreign  marriages case (involving Art. 12 right to marry) and in the 'funeral  pyres' case (involving Art. 9 right to religious freedom) and sits as a  part-time Judge. Professor Juss has taught at a number of Universities  in the UK and the USA, including Harvard Law School and Indiana  University in Bloomington. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts,  and its Council Member, and is a member of its Migration Commission,  which published its ground-breaking Report, "Migration: A Welcome  Opportunity" (  in November 2005. He is a Council member also of Encounter, and of the  Society of Legal Scholars. In 2010 his name was added to the Panel of  the Arbitrators of the Indian Council for Arbitration.  Professor Juss  seeks to incorporate the role of scholar, practitioner, and activist in  all the various fields of his expertise.

Representative Publications


International Migration & Global Justice, (With a Foreword by  Prof. Guy S. Goodwin - Gill) 330 pages (Ashgate Press; London, 2006),  (ISBN 07546467180754646718).

A Guide to the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants  etc..Act) 2004 177 pages (London, Cavendish Press, 2005) (ISBN  1859419828).

Judicial Discretion and the Right to Property. (With a Foreword by  The Hon. Sir Gavin Lightman) 146 pages (Pinter, 1998) (ISBN  1-85567-531-5).

Discretion and Deviation in the Administration of Immigration  Control. (With a Foreword by Sir Louis Blom - Cooper QC.) 215 pages  (Modern Legal Studies, Sweet & Maxwell, 1997) (ISBN  0421-618-3020421-618-302).

Immigration, Nationality and Citizenship. (With a Foreword by The  Hon. Sir Stephen Sedley [now Lord Justice]) 200 pages (Mansell, 1993,  Reprinted in Paperback 1994) (ISBN 0-7201-2149-30-7201-2149-3).


"The Decline and Decay of European Refugee Policies", 44 pages,  Oxford Journal of Legal Studies , ( Vol. 25; Number 4, Winter 2005;  pp.749-792).

"Constitutionalising Rights Without a Constitution: The British  Experience under Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998", 32 pages,  Statute Law Review [ 2006; Vol. 27; No.1, pp.1-32].

"Rule-making and the Immigration Rules-A Retreat from Law?" 14 pages  Statute Law Review (published by Oxford University Press) (1992) vol.13,  No.2, pp.150-164 (ISSN 0144-35930144-3593).

"Suspects' Rights and PACE: Can the Courts do the Balancing Trick?"  Statute Law Review 16 pages (published by Oxford University Press)  (1991) vol.11, No.3, pp.211-226 (ISSN 0144-35930144-3593).
"The Meaning of 'Error' in Appellate Review" in Judicial Review, 5 pages, (December 2004, Vol. 9, Issue 4, pp. 299-304, ISSN 1085-4681).

"Medical Treatment-Pragmatism and the Search for Principle" (with  Professor Nigel Lowe), 7 pages, Modern Law Review (1993) vol.56,  pp.865-872 (ISSN 0026-7961).

"Towards a Morally Legitimate Reform of Refugee Law : The Uses of  Cultural Jurisprudence", 43 pages, Harvard Human Rights Journal, (1998)  vol. 11, Spring, pp.311-354. (ISSN 1057-5057).

"Pritchard v. Cobden [1987]2WLR p.627: An unusual claim in the Court of Appeal" Cambridge Law Journal (1986) July, p.210.

"Judicial Review and the Duty to Give Adequate Reasons" Cambridge Law Journal (1986) November, p.372.

"Declaration of Trust and Severance of Joint Tenancy-the End of the Story?" Cambridge Law Journal (1986) July, p.205.

Trudo Lemmens

Trudo Lemmens

University of Toronto

Phone: 416-978-4201
Fax: 416-946-3744

Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
84 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 2C5

Brief Bio

Trudo Lemmens' work is situated at the intersections of law,  bioethics, health care, and research and innovation.  He is particularly  interested in looking at how law, regulation and other governance  mechanisms contribute to improved health care and health product  development and can strengthen ethical standards in health care and  health research.  One of the recurrent themes in his research is the  complex interaction between legal rules and societal values in the  context of health care and technological innovation in health. His most  recent work focuses particularly on the role of law and regulation in  the governance of biomedical knowledge, particularly in relation to  pharmaceutical products. His work has been published in leading national  and international journals of law, bioethics and medicine.

Professor Lemmens has been a Member of the School of Social Science  of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, a fellow of the Royal  Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, and a visiting  professor at the universitiies of Otago (New Zealand) and Leuven  (K.U.Leuven, Belgium).  He is also an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall  Law School. He teaches courses on Health Law, Pharmaceutical Governance,  Research Ethics, and Privacy, Property and the Human Body.

Representative Publications

"Access to Information and the Right to Health: The Human Rights Case  for Clinical Trials Transparency" (with Candice Telfer) (Forthcoming  2012). Available at SSRN:

"Legal Remedies for Medical Ghostwriting: Imposing Fraud Liability  on Guest Authors of Ghostwritten Articles" (2011) 8(8) PLoS Medicine,  1-5, Available at SSRN:

"Leopards in the Temple: Restoring Integrity to the Commercialized  Research Scene" (2005) 32(4) Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 641  available online at:

"The End of Individual Control Over Health Information: Governing  Biobanks and Promoting Fair Information Practices" (with Lisa Austin) in  Jane Kaye and Mark Stranger, Governing Biobacks (Farnham (UK): Ashgate,  2009) 243-266.

Trudo Lemmens & Duff R. Waring, eds., Law and Ethics in Biomedical Research, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006)

Judith Lichtenberg

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Georgetown Law

Web site:

600 New Jersey Avenue N.W.

DC 20001

Brief Bio

Judith Lichtenberg is Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University; until 2007 she taught at the University of Maryland, where she held a joint appointment in the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. The author of many articles in the areas of international and domestic justice, nationalism, war, higher education, and the mass media, she is coauthor (with Robert K. Fullinwider) of Leveling the Playing Field: Justice, Politics, and College Admissions (2004) and editor of Democracy and the Mass Media (1990). She was a fellow at the Stanford University's Humanities Center in 2005-06 and at Hebrew University's Institute for Advanced Studies in 2011.  Her book Distant Strangers: Ethics, Psychology, and the Alleviation of Global Poverty is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.

Representative publications


Distant Strangers: Ethics,  Psychology, and the Alleviation of Global Poverty,  forthcoming, Cambridge University Press.

Leveling the Playing Field: Justice, Politics, and  College Admissions (with  Robert K. Fullinwider), Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2004.


"Paternalism,  Manipulation, Freedom, and the Good," Eldar Shafir, ed., Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy (Princeton: Princeton  University Press, forthcoming).

"Oughts and Cans:  Badness, Wrongness, and the Limits of Ethical Theory," Philosophical Topics 38 (2010), 123-42.

"Negative Duties, Positive Duties,  and the 'New Harms'," Ethics 120 (April 2010).

"Is Pure Altruism Possible?," The New York Times, October 19, 2010.

"Are There Any Basic Rights?," in Charles Beitz and Robert Goodin, eds., Global Basic Rights (Oxford: Oxford  University Press, 2009).

"Famine, Affluence, and Psychology," Singer Under Fire, Jeffrey Schaler, ed.  (Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company, 2009.

"What Is Charity?," Philosophy  & Public Policy Quarterly 29 no. 3-4 (Summer/Fall 2009).

"How to Judge Soldiers Whose Cause Is Unjust," in David Rodin and Henry Shue, eds., Just and Unjust Warriors: The Moral and  Legal Status of Soldiers (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

"About Altruism," Philosophy  & Public Policy Quarterly 28 (2008).

"Presidential  Dirty Hands," in Terry Price and J. Thomas Wren, eds., Presidential Leadership (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007).

"Some  Central Problems of Just War Theory," R. Joseph Hoffmann, ed., Just War and Jihad (Prometheus Books,  2006).

"Absence  and the Unfond Heart: Why People Are Less Giving Than They Might Be," in The  Ethics of Assistance: Morality and  the Distant Needy, edited by Deen Chatterjee (New York: Cambridge  University Press, 2004).

"Preemption  and Exceptionalism in U.S. Foreign Policy: Precedent and Example in the  International Arena," in Thomas G. Weiss, Margaret E. Crahan, and John Goering,  eds., Wars on Terrorism and Iraq: Human Rights, Unilateralism, and U.S.  Foreign Policy (London: Routledge, 2004).

"Media  Ethics," Blackwell Companion to Applied  Ethics, edited by R.G. Frey and Christopher Wellman (Oxford: Blackwell,  2003).

"The  Ethics of Retaliation," Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly 21, no.  4 (Fall 2001).

"Journalism," Encyclopedia of Ethics, 2d ed. (New  York: Routledge, 2001).

"Freedom  of the Press," Encyclopedia of  Ethics, 2d ed. (New York: Routledge, 2001).

David Luban (Academic Co-Director)

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Georgetown Law

Phone: 001 202-662-9461

McDonough 434
600 New Jersey Avenue
DC 20001

Brief Bio

David Luban is University Professor and Professor of Law and  Philosophy, and the Acting Director of the Center on National Security  and the Law. Luban received his B.A. from the University of Chicago and  Ph.D. in philosophy from Yale University. He came to Georgetown in 1997  from the University of Maryland. Luban has been visiting professor and  Distinguished Senior Fellow in Legal Ethics at Yale Law School, and Leah  Kaplan Visiting Professor of Human Rights at Stanford Law School; he  has also held visiting appointments at Dartmouth College, the University  of Melbourne, and Harvard Law School. In 2011 he was a fellow of the  Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Luban  has held a Guggenheim Fellowship and Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, and won  awards for his legal ethics scholarship from the New York State Bar and  the American Bar Foundation. In spring 2012 he will be Bacon-Kilkenny  Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Fordham Law School.

In addition to legal ethics and philosophy, his recent scholarship  concerns international criminal law, just war theory, human rights, and  the US torture debate. Luban has published more than 150 articles; his  books have been translated into Chinese and Japanese. They include  Lawyers and Justice (1988), Legal Modernism (1993), Legal Ethics and  Human Dignity (2007) and, most recently, International and Transnational  Criminal Law (2010) (with Julie O'Sullivan and David P. Stewart). Luban  has written for, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles  Times; he is a member of the group legal blog Balkinization. He is a  frequent speaker at universities in the United States, and has lectured  in a dozen other countries. Luban served on the DC Bar's legal ethics  committee, and chaired the Professional Responsibility Section of the  Association of American Law Schools, as well as the American  Philosophical Association's committee on law and philosophy.

Representative Publications


Legal Ethics and Human Dignity (Cambridge UP, forthcoming).

Legal Ethics: Law Stories (co-edited with Deborah L. Rhode) (Foundation Press, 2006).

Legal Ethics (4th edition) (co-authored with Deborah L. Rhode) (Foundation Press, 2004).

Legal Modernism (University of Michigan Press, 1994).

Lawyers and Justice: An Ethical Study (Princeton UP, 1988).

Articles and Reviews

"Preventive War and Human Rights," in Henry Shue, ed., Preventive War (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

"Fairness to Rightness: Jurisdiction, Legality, and the Legitimacy of  International Criminal Law," in Samantha Besson and John Tasioulas,  eds., Philosophy in International Law (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

"Beyond Moral Minimalism," in Symposium on May's Crimes Against Humanity, Ethics and International Affairs, vol. 20, no. 3 (2006), pp. 353-60.

"Calling Genocide By Its Rightful Name: A Critique of the United Nation's Darfur Report," Chicago Journal of International Law, vol. 7, no. 1 (2006), pp. 303-20.

Also in Samantha Besson, Michel Hottelier, and Franz Werro, eds., Les droits de L'homme au centre. Human Right at the Center ( Zurich:  Schulthess Edition, 2006), pp. 191-208.

Review of Jon Elster, Closing the Books: Transitional Justice in Historical Perspective, Ethics, vol. 116, no. 2 (2006), pp. 409-12.

"Eight Fallacies on Liberty and Security," in Richard Ashby Wilson, ed., Human Rights in the War on Terror, (Cambridge University Press, 2005), pp. 242-57.

"Liberalism, Torture, and the Ticking Bomb," Virginia Law Review, vol. 91, no. 6 (2005), pp. 1425-61.

"Liberalism, Torture, and the Ticking Bomb," in Karen Greenberg, ed., The Torture Debate in America (Cambridge University Press, 2005), pp. 35-83.  This is a substantially expanded version of the Virginia Law Review essay.

"Liberalism, Torture, and the Ticking Bomb," in Steven Lee, ed., Intervention, Terrorism, and Torture: Challenges to Just War Theory in the 21st Century (Springer Verlag, forthcoming).  This is an abridged version.

"Torture and the Ticking Bomb," Georgetown Law (Spring/Summer 2005), pp. 48-51. An op-ed length adaptation.

Excerpted in Harper's Magazine, March 2006, pp. 11-16.

Translated as "Liberalismus und die Verführung zur Folter," Die Zeit Kursbuch, vol. 163, special issue "Folter und Feste," March 30, 2006, pp. 52-71.

Abridged and reprinted in The Philosopher's Magazine, vol. 34 (2006).

Reprint of Harper's version in Jeffrey Olen, Vincent Barry, and Julie C. Van Camp, eds. Applying Ethic:  A Text With Readings, 9th ed. (Wadsworth/Thomson, forthcoming 2008).

Reprinted in K. Nagra Sri Valli, ed., Torture and Ethics (ICFAI Law Books Division, forthcoming).

Review of Luc Reydams, Universal Jurisdiction: International and Municipal Legal Perspectives, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, vol. 54, no. 3 (2005), pp. 804-06.

"Making Sense of Moral Meltdowns," in Susan Carle, ed., Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical Reader (NYU Press, 2005), pp. 355-70.

also in Deborah L. Rhode, ed., Moral Leadership: The Theory and Practice of Power, Judgment, and Policy (Stanford University Press, forthcoming).

"Lawyers as Defenders of Human Dignity (When They Aren't Busy Attacking It)," University of Illinois Law Review, vol. 2005, no. 3 (2005), pp. 815-46.

"A Theory of Crimes Against Humanity," Yale Journal of International Law, vol. 29, no. 1 (2004), pp. 85-167.

"Preventive War," Philosophy & Public Affairs, vol. 32, no. 3 (2004), pp. 207-248.

"The Coiled Serpent of Argument: Reason, Authority, and Law in a Talmudic Tale" Chicago-Kent Law Review (2004), vol. 79, pp. 1253-88.

"Integrity: Its Causes and Cures," Fordham Law Review, vol. 72, no. 2 (2003), pp. 279-310.

"Taking Out the Adversary: The Assault on Progressive Public Interest Lawyers," California Law Review, vol. 91 (2003), pp. 209-46.

Excerpted in George M. Cohen and Susan P. Koniak, eds., Foundations of the Law and the Ethics of Lawyering (Foundation Press,2004), pp. 389-404.

"The War on Terrorism and the End of Human Rights," Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly, vol. 22, no. 3 (Summer 2002), pp. 9-14.

[109a] reprinted in Fellowship, vol. 68, no. 11-12, (Nov./Dec. 2002), pp. 20-23.

reprinted in Verna V. Gehring, ed., War After September 11 (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002).

reprinted in Thomas Shipka, ed., Philosophy: Paradox and Discovery, 5th ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2004).

reprinted in Mark V. Tushnet, ed., The Constitution in Wartime (Duke University Press, 2005), pp. 219-31.

reprinted in Judith A. Boss, Analyzing Moral Issues, 3rd edition (McGraw-Hill, 2004).

reprinted in Larry May, Eric Rovie, and Steve Viner, eds., The Morality of War: Classical and Contemporary Readings (Pearson Prentice-Hall, 2005), pp. 413-21.

Review of Aleksandar Jokic, War Crimes and Collective Wrongdoing, Philosophical Review, vol. 111, no. 4 (2002), pp. 620-24

Joasia Luzak

Joasia Luzak Amsterdam Law School

Phone: (0031) 20 525 3911
Fax: 416-978-7899

Room: A103
Oudemanhuispoort 4-6
1012 Amsterdam

Brief Bio


        In 2003 graduated with best results and the distinction merit from the  English and European Law Centre - two-year course co-organized by  Cambridge and Warsaw Universities.

        In 2004 graduated from the Law Faculty at the Warsaw University (cum  laude). Received academic scholarships through the whole studies - in  the academic year 2003/2004 received Scholarship of the National  Education Ministry for academic achievements.

        Pursued and obtained a Doctor degree in law at the University of  Amsterdam on the 29th of November 2011 within research institute Centre  for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL): "The implied duty of a  service provider to warn about a risk of construction defects resulting  from a contract with a third party, with emphasis on defects resulting  from design failures. A case study on the precontractual and contractual  duty to warn in English, German and Dutch law and in the Draft Common  Frame of Reference".

        Since September 2008 Assistant Professor at the Insitute of Private Law A, University of Amsterdam.


        Since January 2002 until June 2005 worked in one of the biggest law  firms in Poland - SK&S Legal Advisors - first as a paralegal, than  as a junior lawyer.

        Since September 2007 - lecturer of "Private Law and the Internal  Market", "European Consumer Law", "Contractenrecht"; "European Contract  Law".

        Since September 2008 - Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam Institute  of Private Law, in the Centre for the Study of European Contract Law .

        In February 2010 started a blog Recent Developments in European  Consumer Law ( Co-ordinator and main  contributor of this blog.

        In March 2011 participated in the project of the Asser Institute and  Dutch government: "Strengthening the Vietnam Competition Authorities in  the field of enforcement of Consumer Law". Trained employees of the  Vietnam Competition Authorities in the field of inter alia protection  against unfair contract terms.


2002 - co-author of the report prepared by Eurofinance Consulting Sp.  z o.o. - "Payables/Receivables in Poland "trading, vindication and  types of security"

Since 2003 - author of the columns: "Legislation review" and "Journal  of Law" in the biweekly magazine "Wspolnota" ("Community") - magazine  for the local governments' authorities.

2004 - author of chapters: "Tourism", "Leisure Activities" and  "Education" in the book: "Abusive clauses in the law of consumers'  contracts", which was published in the series "European Judgements"  under editorial supervision of Prof. E. Letowska, by the publisher -  C.H. Beck (Polish part of German - Verlag C.H. Beck).

2005 -published second edition of the book "Abusive clauses in the law of consumers' contracts".

July 2005 - co-author of an article "Compensation for loss of spare  time (damages for non-pecuniary loss)" in Private Law Quarterly  (Kwartalnik Prawa Prywatnego - legal magazine listed in group "A" by the  State Committee for Scientific Research).

2005 - contributed to the copublication ofthe World Bank and the  International FinanceCorporation - "Doing business in 2006. Creating  jobs".

2008 - co-author of the book "Intertemporal law in the judgments of  the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court" which was published  under editorial supervision of Prof. E. Letowska and K. Osajda, by  Oficyna Wolters Kluwer business

2008 - author of an article "Client satisfaction - incentive for  service providers to warn their clients?" published in the book "Gedrag  en privaatrecht" under editorial supervision of W.H. van Boom, I. Giesen  and A.J. Verheij, by Boom Juridische uitgevers

2009 - author of an article "Information duties in the new proposal  for the Directive on consumer rights", published in: M.W. Hesselink  & M.B.M. Loos "Het voorstel voor een Europese richtlijn  consumentenrechten: een Nederlands perspectief", by Boom Juridische  uitgevers

2010 - co-author of the Polish report prepared for the European  Commission regarding: "Digital content services for consumers:  comparative analysis of the applicable legal frameworks and suggestions  for the contours of a model system of consumer protection in relation to  digital content services - Report 1: Country reports: with an executive  summary of the main points"

2011 - co-author of the article "Richtlijn consumentenrechten in  eindfase", Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees Recht, 17(7), p. 249-252

2011 - co-author of the article "Ontwikkelingen betreffende het  voorstel voor een Richtlijn consumentenrechten: de positie van de Raad  en het Europees Parlement", Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees Recht,  17(5), p. 168-177

2011 - author of the article "Linked contracts and the construction  sector: a builder's contractual obligation to warn the client about a  risk that might emerge from a contract between the client and the  designer", to be published in: M.B.M. Loos & I. Samoy (eds.), Linked  contracts, Intersentia

2011 - author of the article "I Have Warned!? - Can a Builder Avoid  Liability by Giving a Warning to a Consumer? Case Study within English  and Dutch Construction Law with Insights from Behavioural Economics",  submitted for review to the Journal of Consumer Policy

2011 - co-author of the article "New Directive on Consumer Rights"  ("Nowa Dyrektywa w sprawie Praw Konsumentow") in Private Law Quarterly  (Kwartalnik Prawa Prywatnego)

2011 - author of the case note "Who should bear the risk of the  removal of the non-conforming goods? Joined cases C-65/09 and C-87/09  (Weber and Putz)" in Zeitschrift fur Europäisches Unternehmens- und  Verbraucherrecht, vol. 1

Antoni Abat i Ninet

Antoni Abat i Ninet ESADE

Phone: (0034) 932 806 162
Ext. 2471
Fax: (0034) 932 048 105

Av.Pedralbes, 60-62

Brief Bio

Antoni Abat i Ninet graduated in Law from the University of Girona in  2001 and was awarded a PhD by the University of Barcelona in 2007. From  2002 to 2005, he practiced law at the German Law Firm of Gömann Wrede  Haas Kappus & Hartmann. Before joining the ESADE faculty in 2011, he  was granted the Juan de la Cierva competitive research scholarship by  Spain's Ministry for Science and Innovation. He taught Comparative  Constitutional Law and Ancient Constitutionalism at the State University  of New York, the Lincoln Law School of San José and was Visiting  Professor at Stanford University Law School. His research interests  include: the theoretical foundations of constitutions; the links between  constitution, constitutionalism and democracy; global economic  constitutionalism.

Prof. Abat's articles and papers regularly appear in leading  peer-reviewed journals in the U.S. and Europe, of which some examples  are: American Journal of Comparative Law (2011); Vienna Journal of  International Constitutional Law (2010); Ratio Juris (2009); Philosophia  (2009); Constitutional Forum (2008); International Review of  Constitutionalism (2008). Prof. Abat has also published book chapters  (Springer Verlag 2010) and in 2012 will publish his latest  book-"Constitutional Violence"-in the US.


Published books

Abat i Ninet, A. (2012). El estatuto jurídico de los magistrados del Tribunal Constitucional español. Estudio y análisis comparado. Pamplona: Aranzadi. [ISBN: 978-84-9014-298-1].

Abat i Ninet, A. (2012). Constitutional violence: Legitimacy, democracy and human rights. Edinburgh (Scotland): Edinburgh University Press. [ISBN: 978-0748669547].

Reviewed publications

Abat i Ninet, A. & Monserrat Molas, J. (2009). Habermas and  Ackerman: A synthesis applied to legitimation and codification of legal  norms. Ratio Juris, 22(4), 510-531.

Abat i Ninet, A. (2010). Demagogy and democratic loyalty instead  oligogy and constitutional patriotism. Vienna Journal on International  Constitutional Law, 4(4), 641-663.

Gardner, J. A. & Abat i Ninet, A. (2010). Sustainable  decentralization: Power, extraconstitutional influence, and subnational  symmetry in the United States and Spain. American Journal of Comparative  Law, 59(2), 491-527.

Abat i Ninet, A. & Monserrat Molas, J. (2009). Principio de  discurso y democracia directa: Faktizität und Geltung y la obra de Bruce  Ackerman. Doxa: Cuadernos de Filosofia del Derecho, (32), 605-626.

Abat i Ninet, A. (2010). Playing at being Gods. Philosophia, 38(1), 41-55.

Abat i Ninet, A. (2008). Polarización, tribunal constitucional  español y crisis de confianza. Suplemento Administrativo, (25), 1-23.

Abat i Ninet, A. & Rodés Mateu, A. (2008). Spain's multinational  constitution: A lost opportunity?. Constitutional Forum, 17(1), 17-24.

Abat i Ninet, A. & Monserrat Molas, J. (2011). Neutralidad del  diálogo y neutralidad política en B. Ackerman. Revista del CLAD Reforma y  Democracia, (51), 22-32.

Abat i Ninet, A. & Monserrat Molas, J. (2008). Monism versus  Dualism in Current Spanish Constitutional System. International Review  of Constitutionalism, (8), 1-40.

Abat i Ninet, A. (2011). Regulació jurídica europea y nanotecnología. Unión Europea Aranzadi, Año 37(12), 7-16.

Book chapters

Monserrat Molas, J. & Abat i Ninet, A. (2009). Influencias de la  obra de Hannah Arendt en el concepto de revolución de Bruce Ackerman. In  G. Robles Morchón, D. Medina Morales & J. Albert Màrquez (coords.)  (Ed.). Ensayos sobre el derecho y la justicia: libro homenaje a Ana  Cebeira Moro (pp. 212-232). Córdoba: Universidad de Córdoba.[ISBN:  978-84-608-0874-9]

Abat i Ninet, A. (2010). Legal "neutral dialogue", implementing the  work of Bruce Ackerman in the field of law. In P. Casanovas; U. Pagallo;  G. Sartor & G. Ajani (eds.) (Ed.). AI approaches to the complexity  of legal systems: Complex systems, the semantic web, ontologies,  argumentation and dialogue: International Workshops AICOL-I/IVR-XXIV  Beijing, China, September 19, 2009 and AICOL-II/JURIX 2009,  Rotterdam,The Netherlands, December 16, 2009 Revised Selected Papers  (pp. 217-228). Berlin (Germany): Springer.[ISBN: 978-3-642-16523-8]

Abat i Ninet, A. (2011). The ICJ decision on Kosovo. In J. Cortada  & Q. Torra (eds.) (Ed.). La porta de la gàbia: La sentència del  Tribunal Internacional de Justícia sobre Kosovo (pp. 25-45). Barcelona:  A Contra Vent.[ISBN: 9788493841560]

Peter Rush

Peter Rush University of Melbourne

Phone: (0061) 3 834 44759
Fax: (0061) 3 9347 2392

Room 0816
Melbourne Law School
University Square
185 Pelham Street
Carlton 3053 VIC

Brief Bio

Peter Rush came to the Law Faculty at the University of Melbourne in  1999. He has been a youthworker, an artist, a filmmaker and a scholar.  Since 1988, he has taught in Law Faculties and Criminology Departments  in Australia and in England. Courses taught have included criminal law,  jurisprudence, legal discourse, gender and law, evidence, legal history  and legal method, law and the body, law and criminal justice. In  2004/2005, he was a Karl Loewenstein Fellow in Political Science at  Amherst College (USA).

He is the author of several books on criminal law and edited  collections on jurisprudence and poststructuralist legal theory. A  longstanding member of the critical legal studies movement in the United  Kingdom, he was coordinator of its national conference and a founding  member of the interdisciplinary legal theory journal Law & Critique.  Additionally, he has been invited to present papers and lectures at  institutions in the United States and Canada, such as Amherst College,  Carleton University, and New York University. In Australia, he is a  member of the editorial boards of several legal theory journals and has  been active in the Australian Law and Literature Association and the  Australian Law and Society Association. He contributes to community and  professional debate concerning law reform, particularly in relation to  both the law of sexual offences and the criminal law of HIV  transmission. In 2000, he made a short documentary film concerning  justice, aesthetics and colonialism in the city of Melbourne.

His teaching and research interests include: criminal law  (australian, comparative and international); jurisprudence and the  humanities; international criminal justice; trauma and transitional  justice.



Rush, Peter D. & Yeo, Stanley (2006), Criminal Law Sourcebook 2nd edn, (Sydney: LexisNexis Butterworths) pp i-xi + 1-765.

Rush, Peter D. & Yeo, Stanley (2000), Criminal Law Sourcebook, (Sydney: Butterworths) pp. i - xviii + 1-723.

Rush, Peter D. (1997) Criminal Law (Sydney: Butterworths) pp i - xiv + 1 - 456.
- Awarded The Australian Award for excellence in Educational Publishing (Tertiary), 1997.

Rush, Peter D. (1985) Beyond the Edge: young, homeless, and a victim (Sydney: Allen & Unwin) pp. i-xi + pp 1-176.

Scholarly Book Chapters

Rush, Peter D (forthcoming) 'Dirty War Crimes: jurisdictions of  memory and international criminal justice' in Gerry Simpson and Kevin  Heller (eds) Hidden Histories of War Crimes Trials: untold stories  (Cambridge University Press).

Rush, Peter D (2010) 'Criminal Law and the Reformation of Rape in  Australia' in Clare McGlynn and Vanessa Munro (eds) Rethinking Rape Law:  international and comparative perspectives (London: Routledge), pp.  237-250

Rush, Peter D (2009) 'HIV transmission and the jurisdiction of  criminal law' in Sally Cameron and John Rule (eds) The Criminalisation  of HIV Transmission in Australia: legality, morality and reality  (Newtown: NAPWA) pp. 75-90.

Rush, Peter D & Kenyon, Andrew (2004) 'Alter Egos: The  Mise-en-Scène of Law and Aesthetics' in Andrew Kenyon and Peter D Rush  (eds) An Aesthetics of Law and Culture: Texts, Images, Screens (London:  Elsevier) 1-32.

McVeigh, Shaun, Rush, Peter D & Young, Alison (2001) 'A Judgment  Dwelling in Law: Violence and the Relations of Legal Thought', in Austin  Sarat (ed) Law, Violence and the Possibility of Justice (Princeton NJ:  Princeton University Press) 101-141.

McVeigh, Shaun & Rush, Peter D (1997) 'Cutting Our Losses:  Criminal Legal Doctrine' in Peter Rush, Shaun McVeigh and Alison Young  (eds) Criminal Legal Doctrine (Aldershot: Dartmouth Press) 182-200.
- Reprinted in a special issue of Legal Studies Forum volume 20, pp 229-246.

Rush, Peter D (1997) 'The Life of Criminal Law', in Peter Rush, Shaun  McVeigh and Alison Young (eds) Criminal Legal Doctrine (Aldershot:  Dartmouth Press) 200-207.

McVeigh, Shaun, Rush, Peter D & Young, Alison (1997) 'Editorial  Introduction' in Peter Rush, Shaun McVeigh and Alison Young (eds)  Criminal Legal Doctrine (Aldershot: Dartmouth Press) ix - xi.

Young, Alison & Rush, Peter D (1994) 'The Law of Victimage in  Urbane Realism: Thinking Through Inscriptions of Violence' in David  Nelken (ed) The Futures of Criminology (London: Sage) 154-172.

Edited Books & Journal Special Issues

Rush, Peter D and Simic, Olivera (eds) (forthcoming) , The Art of Transitional Justice (London: Springer Publications).

Rush, Peter D & Rogers, Juliet (eds) (2010) Declarations of Law,  Special Issue of Law & Critique, Volume 21 number 3 pp 199-275

Kenyon, Andrew & Rush, Peter D (eds) (2007) Passages: Law,  Aesthetics, Politics, Special issue of Law/Text/Culture, volume 11, pp  1- 341.

Kenyon, Andrew & Rush, Peter D (eds) (2004) An Aesthetics of Law  and Culture: Texts, Images, Screens (London: Elsevier) i-xiii + 1-303.

Rush, Peter D and Olle, Liz (eds) (1997) Special Issue on 'Sexual  Assault Praxis and Change', Australian Feminist Law Journal, volume 9 pp  67-150

Rush, Peter D, McVeigh, Shaun & Young, Alison (eds) Criminal Legal Doctrine (Aldershot: Dartmouth Press) 1-222.

Douzinas, Costas, Goodrich, Peter & Rush, Peter D (eds) (1994)  Continental Legal Theory, Special issue of Law & Critique volume 5  no 2 pp 131-284

McVeigh, Shaun, Murphy, Tim, Rush, Peter D and Warrington, Ronnie  (eds) (1990) Legal Education, Special issue of Law & Critique Volume  1 Number 1 pp 1-153.

Refereed Journal Articles

Rush, Peter D (2011) 'Jurisdictions of Sexual Assault: reforming the  texts and testimony of rape in Australia' 19 Feminist Legal Studies  47-73.

Rush, Peter D & Rogers, Juliet (2010) 'Declarations of Law and Witnessing the Remainder' 21 Law & Critique 199-211.

Rush, Peter D & Rogers, Juliet (2009) 'Remains of Authority and  the Trial of Saddam Hussein' 31 Australian Feminist Law Journal 121-34.

Rush, Peter D & Kenyon, Andrew (2007) 'Passages, or the medium of authority' 11 Law/Text/Culture 1-12.

Rush, Peter D (2005) 'Surviving Common Law: Silence and the Violence Internal to the Legal Sign' 27 Cardozo Law Review 753-766.

Philadelphoff-Puren, Nina & Rush, Peter D (2003) 'Fatal (F)Laws: Law, Literature, Writing' 14 Law & Critique 191-211.

Rush, Peter D (1997) 'On Being Legal: The Laws of Sexual Assault in Victoria' 9 Australian Feminist Law Journal 76-89.
- Extracted in Whitney, Flynn and Moyle (eds) The Criminal Codes: Commentary and Materials, 5th edn, (2000).

Rush, Peter D & Olle, Liz (eds) (1997) 'A Community Debate on Law  and Sexual Assault: Prefatory Remarks' 9 Australian Feminist Law  Journal 67-75.

Rush, Peter D (1997) 'Deathbound Doctrine: Scenes of Murder and its  Inheritance' Studies in Law, Politics and Society volume 16, pp 71-99.

Rush, Peter D & Young, Alison (1997) 'A Crime of Consequence and A  Failure of Legal Imagination: The Sexual Offences of the Model Criminal  Code' 9 Australian Feminist Law Journal 100-133.

        - Discussed and extract reprinted in R. Graycar and J. Morgan (2002)  The Hidden Gender of Law 2nd edn (Sydney: Federation Press) pp 366-68
- Extract reprinted in Whitney, Flynn and Moyle (eds) (2000) The Criminal Codes: Commentary and Materials, 5th edn.

Rush, Peter D (1998) 'An Altered Jurisdiction: Corporeal Traces of Law' 6 Griffith Law Review 144-165.
- Reprinted in Costas Douzinas and Colin Perrin (eds) (2011) Critical Legal Theory (London: Routledge), volume 4.

Rush, Peter D (1995) 'It's Like Starting All Over Again: The Lore and  Laws of Aboriginal Difference' (Review essay), 2 Deakin Law Review  301-20.

Rush, Peter D (1992) 'The Government of a Generation: The Subject of Juvenile Delinquency' 14 Liverpool Law Review 3-43.
- Reprinted in J. Muncie, G. Hughes and E. McLaughlin (eds) (2002)  Youth Justice: Critical Readings in History, Theory and Policy (section  2: the origins of youth justice), London: Sage.

Rush, Peter D (1990) 'Semiotics in the Trial of Jurisprudence' 53 Modern Law Review 121-9.
- Reprinted in Frederick Schauer (1993) Law and Language (Aldershot: Dartmouth Press).

Rush, Peter D (1990) 'Killing Me Softly with his Words: Hunting the Law Student' 1(1) Law & Critique 21-37.

Encyclopaedia Entries

Rush, Peter D (2008), 'Law and Aesthetics' in Peter Cane and Joanne  Conaghan (eds) The New Oxford Companion to Law, (Oxford: Oxford  University Press) 676-677.

Law Reform Submissions

Written submission (with A. Kenyon, M. Richardson, J-C Tham,  J.Bosland) by Centre for Media and Communications Law, to Australian Law  Reform Commission, Review of Sedition Laws, Issues paper, 14 pp, April  2006.

Invited written submission (with A. Young) to Victorian Law Reform  Commission, on its Sexual Offences: Criminal Law and Procedure reference  (2002). Invited by Professor Marcia Neave, Chair of VLRC.
- Extensively discussed in VLRC (2003) Sexual Offences: Criminal Law and Procedure, Interim Report Chapter 7.

Written submission (with A Young) to the Model Criminal Code  Officers' Committee, Australia (MCCOC/SCAG) on Sexual Offences  Discussion Paper (1997).
- Discussed by MCCOC/SCAG in its Final Report: Chapter 5: Sexual Offences Against the Person, May 1999, at pp 27-29.
- Discussed in VLRC (2003) Sexual Offences: Criminal Law and Procedure, Interim Report Chapter 7


Thick Skin, (2000) written and directed by Peter D Rush (Length: 25 minutes).

Maxi Scherer

(for the Fall 2012 profile, please click here)

Maxi Scherer

Queen Mary, University of London

PhD (University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne) DEA, Maitrise and LLM (Universities of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne and Cologne)

Avocat à la Cour (Paris Bar)

Solicitor (England & Wales)

Phone: (0044) 020 7882 8077

Location: Lincoln's Inn Fields

Brief Bio

Maxi Scherer is a full-time faculty member at Queen Mary, University  of London, Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) and School of  International Arbitration. She teaches International and Comparative  Commercial Arbitration and International Trade and Investment Dispute  Settlement. Maxi Scherer is also the Academic Director of Queen Mary's  LLM programme which is to open in Paris in 2013. She has published a  number of articles and books in the field of international arbitration  and litigation, including as co-author of the forthcoming The New York  Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral  Awards, C.H. Beck München & Hart Publishing Oxford.

Maxi Scherer studied law at Cologne University, Germany (LLM, summa  cum laude) and at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France  (maitrise, DEA, top of class) where she also earned her PhD in  international private law (summa cum laude). She is a member of the  Paris Bar and a solicitor in England and Wales. Maxi speaks English,  French and German fluently. She has practised as a lawyer for almost 15  years and maintains an arbitration and consulting practice with Wilmer  Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, London.

She has taught International Arbitration and Litigation,  International Private Law, European Civil Procedure and Comparative Law  at various universities and law schools around the globe, including at  Sciences Po Law School Paris, University of Melbourne, University of  Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Business School ESCP-EAP Europe Berlin,  Pepperdine Law School, University of Basel, Universities of  Fribourg/Bern/Neuchâtel, University of Versailles and University of  Paris 10 Nanterre. In 2011, Dr Scherer was appointed as Global Hauser  Research Fellow at NYU Law School. She has also been selected to serve  as Director of Studies at the Hague Academy of International Law in  2016.

Maxi Scherer is a member of the French Committee on Private  International Law (Comité Français de Droit International Privé), the  French Comparative Law Society (Société de Législation Comparé), the  London Court of International Arbitraiton (LCIA) as well as the German  (DIS) and Swiss (ASA) Arbitration Associations. She is also a member of  the global advisory board of the ICDR Y&I, the international arm of  the American Arbitration Association. Maxi speaks regularly on  international arbitration topics at conferences and seminars, including  at the British Institute for International and Comparative Law (BIICL),  the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators', the Young Arbitrators Forum  (YAF) of the ICC, the Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG) of  the LCIA, the Inaugural Conference of the Society of International  Economic Law (SIEL) and the Centre for Research on International  Investment Law (CREDIMI).

Representive Publications

Ethics in International Arbitration -- Introduction to The European  and Middle Eastern Arbitration Review, with G. Born, in: Global  Arbitration Review Special Report, p. 3, 2009;

The Effects of Insolvency on International Arbitration, in: Kluwerblog, 2009;

Bridging Cultural Gaps in International Arbitration -- Introduction  to The European and Middle Eastern Arbitration Review, with G. Born, in:  Global Arbitration Review Special Report, p. 7, 2008;

Commentary of the French Supreme Court decision dated 11 January  2005, in: Revue Critique de Droit International Privé, p. 85, 2006;

Zwänge und Entwicklungen im Prozessrecht: das Neue Deutsche  Schiedsverfahrensrecht [Necessity and Development in Procedural Law: The  New German Arbitration Law], in: Gerichtsverfahren zwischen  Gerechtigkeit und Ökonomie [Judicial Process between Justice and  Economics], p. 141, 2005;

Pre-Trial Discovery nach dem Haager Beweisübereinkommen, [Pre-Trial  Discovery under the Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad],  Commentary of the Paris Court of Appeals decision dated 18 September  2003, p.456, IPRax 2005;

Le Nom en Droit International Privé, Etude de droit comparé français  et allemand [The Name in Private International Law, a Study of French  and German Comparative Law], LGDJ, 2004;

Werbung und Internet, Rechtliche Probleme in Deutschland und in  Frankreich [Advertisement and Internet: Legal Issues in Germany and  France], in: Rechtsfragen der Informationssgesellschaft, published by  Thomas Hoeren/Robert Queck, Erich Schmitt Verlag, 1999;

Pre-Trial Discovery-Maßnahmen in Deutschland: Neuauflage des  Deutsch-Amerikanischen Justizkonflikts [Pre-Trial Discovery Measures in  Germany: another US-German Judiciary Conflict?], with M. Reufels, in:  RIW, p. 667, 1999; and

Die ärztliche Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung im Spannungsfeld von  deutschem und europäischem Recht [The Medical Certificate of Incapacity  to Work in the Crossfire of German and European Law], with M. Reufels,  in: RJHA, p. 85, 1996.

Walter Stoffel

Marc Amstutz University of Fribourg

Phone: (0041) 26 300 80 62
Fax : (0041) 26 300 97 22

Department of International Law and Company Law
1700 Fribourg

Brief Bio

Walter Stoffel studied law at the University of Fribourg and Yale Law School. He wrote his dissertation on "Equal treatment Clauses of Foreigners and Nationals in Friendship Commerce and Navigation Treaties Concluded by Switerland". 1981 he took his bar exam and joined the law firm of Henrici, Weber und Wicki in Zurich.

In 1986 he completed his post-doctoral work at the University of Fribourg and received a professorship in the law faculty. Walter Stoffel has also taught at various other universities including the Université de Paris II, McGill University in Montreal, Deakin University in Melbourne and the University of Turin. From 1981 to 1987 Walter Stoffel served as vice-director of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne and from 1994 to 2000 he was scientific director of the International Association of Legal Science.

Walter Stoffel is a member of the Competition Commission in the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs and was president of the  Swiss Competition Commission (January 1 st 2003 through Juni 30 th 2010). He is also a member of the Swiss Society for International Law and works on the editorial board of the Swiss Business Law Bulletin. He is Chief representive of Switzerland at the Competition Committee of the OECD as well as in  other international organizations and institutions in the field of competition  law. He also participated  as a reporter or speaker in national and international legal conferences and  symposiums in the fields of competition and company law, of international  commercial and procedural law as well as comparative law.

Walter Stoffel has been a member of the Swiss Science and Technology Council since 2003. He was born on 12 December 1949. He is married and the father of three children.

Representative Publications

  • The manuals and commentaries include a presentation of the Law of the Stock Company (Grundriss des Aktienrechts, 3 rd ed., Zurich 2011, co-authored with R. von Büren, University of Bern and R.  Weber, University of Zurich), Debt  Enforcement and Bankruptcy (Voies d'exécution, 2 nd ed., Berne 2010),  a treatise co-authored with I. Chabloz (in the second edition), a manual on the Law of Competition ( Kartellrecht [Weber, Stoffel, Zäch, Ducrey, Tercier, Richli, Zurkinden, Dähler],  Basel/Geneva/Münich 2000).
  • Most of the articles, written in French or in  German, or in English, deal with the Law of Corporations and the Law of  Competition as well as International Law, particularly International Law of  Contracts and Corporations.
  • The articles in English include Law, Control and Delegation (Mélanges  Marco Borghi, Bern 2011); Swiss Competition Law: Where from and where to? (Mélanges Pierre Tercier, Zurich 2008, pp. 677-690); Mergers in Small  Economies, (International Antitrust Law & Policy, Annual Proceedings of  the Fordham Competition Law Institute 2007, pp. 319-334); "Extra-Territoriality"  of Competition Law, (Liber Amicorum Luzius Wildhaber, Zurich 2007, pp.  1563-1577); Corporate Autonomy and Market Regulations (Essays in Honour of A.T. von Mehren, Ardsley, New York 2002, pp. 399); Enlightened Decision Making, 75 Tulane  L.R. 1195 [2001]

Center for Transnational Legal Studies
37-39 High Holborn
London WC1V 6AA, United Kingdom