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"Academic content was really inspiring and rewarding. I have been teaching for over 15 years and this is just about the most interesting thing I have ever done in teaching. Students were great and colleagues were fantastic."

Spring 2016 Faculty

Gregor Bachmann

Free University of Berlin


Brief Bio

Gregor Bachmann (born 1966) is a full Professor of Law at Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany, where he holds a chair for Civil Law and Corporate Law. Before joining the FU law faculty he was a professor of law at the University of Trier (2004-2009) and before that an Assistant Professor with Humboldt-Universität Berlin (1998-2004). Professor Bachmann studied law at the universities of Munich and Passau (Germany) and holds a doctorate from the University of Passau (1993) as well as an LL.M. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (1994). After graduation and before returning to academia, Gregor Bachmann practiced with Hengeler Mueller, one of the most renowned corporate law firms in Germany.

Professor Bachmann is a well known expert of German corporate law and the author of several books and numerous articles on German and European corporate and securities law. His research includes all matters of corporate governance, most recently focusing on manager liability. He is a co-author of the leading treatise on the German Corporate Governance Code (Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex) and co-author of a commentary on the law of the European Stock Corporation (Societas Europaea). He serves as a member of the advisory board of the German Law Journal ( and is also a member of the board of the German Corporate Lawyers Association (Gesellschaftsrechtliche Vereinigung) and of the German Association of Civil Law Professors (Zivilrechtslehrervereinigung).

Representative Publications

Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex (Commentary on the German Corporate Governance Code), forthcoming (with Th. Kremer, M. Lutter, A. von Werder)

Das Europäische Insiderhandelsverbot [Prohibition of Insider Trading in Europe], Berlin 2015

Reform der Organhaftung? Gutachten zum 70. Deutschen Juristentag, Munich 2014 [Reform of Manager Liability? Expert opinion for the 70th German Law Association's Conference, 124 p.]

Regulating the Close Corporation, Berlin 2013 (with H. Eidenmüller, A. Engert, H. Fleischer, W. Schoen)

Private Ordnung. Grundlagen ziviler Regelsetzung, Tübingen 2006 [Private Order –Foundations of civil rule making]

Francesco Costamagna

University of Torino


Department of Law
Campus Luigi Einaudi
Lungo Dora Siena 100
10153 Turin

Brief Bio

Francesco Costamagna is associate professor of European Union law and lecturer in international public law at the Law Department of University of Turin. He also teaches in the LL.M. in Comparative Law Economic and Finance jointly organized by the University of Turin, the International University College and the University of Eastern Piedmont; in the LL.M. in International Trade Law of the University of Turin and the University Institute of European Studies and in the Master in Global Governance Studies of the Law School at Sciences Po Paris.

He has been visiting scholar at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (University of Dundee). He holds a Ph.D. in International Economic Law at the "L. Bocconi" University of Milan (Italy). His Ph.D. thesis was on "International Protection of Public Infrastructure Investments and State Sovereignty".

Moreover, he also participated as a member of the Italian Delegation to the UNICTRAL Working Group II (Arbitration and Conciliation).

He is the author of a book on the impact of EU internal market law on the organization and provision of social and health services, as well as of articles and book chapters, both in English and Italian, on topics concerning EU law, international economic law and human rights.

His main research interest concerns the relationship (and the tension) between economic and non-economic values (mainly social ones) under international and EU law.

Selected Publications

Regulating Public Services and International Investment Law, in M. Krajewski (ed.), Services of General Interest Beyond the Single Market, TMC Asser Press, The Hague, 2015, pp. 77-109

Accordi commerciali regionali e diritto dell'OMC, in G. Venturini (ed.), L'Organizzazione Mondiale del Commercio, 3rd ed., Giuffré Editore, Milano, 2014, pp. 275-302

Riduzione delle risorse disponibili e abbassamento dei livelli di tutela dei diritti sociali: il rispetto del nucleo minimo quale limite all'adozione di misure regressive, in Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, 8(2), 2014, pp. 371-388

The Impact of Stronger Economic Policy Coordination on the European Social Dimension: Issues of Legitimacy, in M. Adams, F. Fabbrini, P. Larouche (eds), The Constitutionalization of European Budget Constraints, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2014, pp. 359-377

Multiregionalism in the Context of the EU Sovereign Debt Crisis: Current Legal Challenges and the Way Forward (with Annamaria Viterbo), in C. Herrmann, M. Krajewski, J. Terhechte (eds), Yearbook of International Economic Law 2014, Springer, Heidelberg-New York-Dordrecht-London, 2013, pp. 17-32

L'impatto sociale della politica di condizionalità nel contesto della crisi dell'euro: profili giuridici (with Annamaria Viterbo), in N. Napoletano, A. Saccucci (eds), Gestione internazionale delle emergenze globali, Editoriale Scientifica, Naples, 2013, pp. 167-194

Statelessness in the Context of State Succession. An Appraisal under International Law, in S. Forlati, A. Annoni (eds), The Changing Role of Nationality in International Law, Routledge, Oxford, 2013, pp. 38-53

The Provision of Social Services in Italy between Federalization and Europeanization, in U. Neergaard, E. Szyszczak, J.W. van de Gronden, M. Krajewski (eds), Social Services of General Interest in the EU, TMC Asser Press, The Hague, 2013, pp. 541-568

The Internal Market and the Welfare State: Anything New After Lisbon?, in M. Trybus, L. Rubini (eds), The Treaty of Lisbon and the Future of European Law and Policy, Cheltenham, UK –Northampton, MA, US, 2012, pp. 381-397

I servizi socio-sanitari nel mercato interno europeo. L'applicazione delle norme dell'unione europea in materia di concorrenza, aiuti di Stato e libera circolazione dei servizi, Naples, 2011

James Grant

The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London


Brief Bio

Dr James Grant joined The Dickson Poon School of Law as a Lecturer in Law in August 2015. Prior to that he was a Lecturer in Law at the University of Sheffield and he previously taught at the University of Oxford and the University of Glasgow. He graduated with an LLB from the University of Glasgow, an LLM from the University of Cambridge, and a DPhil from the University of Oxford.

Dr Grant's research interests are mainly in public law, legal philosophy, constitutional theory, and human rights law

Selected Publications

The Scales of Authority’ (2015) 60 American Journal of Jurisprudence 79 

Jürgen Kurtz (Academic Co-Director)

(for the Fall 2015 profile, please click here)

University of Melbourne


Brief Bio

Jürgen Kurtz is the Director of the International Investment Law Program of the Institute for International Law and the Humanities (IILAH) at Melbourne Law School. He researches and teaches in international economic law. Jürgen's research has been cited in international arbitral jurisprudence and he acts as a consultant to governmental and intergovernmental agencies, including the United Nations and the World Bank. Jürgen is a Global Faculty Member at the Academy of International Trade and Investment Law in Macau, Universidade Católica Law School in Lisbon, Universitat de Barcelona in Spain and the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London. In 2010, he was appointed Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow at the European University Institute of Florence.  

Representative Publications

J. Kurtz, 'The intersections between international trade and investment law: Mapping a research agenda' in J. Calamita N, D. Earnest, M. Burgstaller (ed), The Future of ICSID and the Place of Investment Treaties in International Law (2013) 165-184.  

J. Kurtz, 'Delineating primary and secondary rules on necessity at international law' in T. Broude, Y. Shany (ed), Multi-Sourced Equivalent Norms in International Law (2011) 231-258.

A. Van Aaken and J. Kurtz, 'Emergency measures and international investment law: How far can States go?' in K. Sauvant (ed), Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2009-2010 (2010) 505-537.

J. Kurtz, 'The merits and limits of comparativism: National treatment in international investment law and the WTO' in S. Schill (ed), International Investment Law and Comparative Public Law (2010) 243-278.

K. Van Der Borght and J. Kurtz, 'Developing countries and the troubling disparity between bilateral, regional and WTO commitments: The case of the new US-Vietnam Trade Agreement' in Essays on the future of the WTO: Finding a new balance (2003) 200-240.

Click here to access the full text of selected publications available through Melbourne Legal Studies.

Kent Roach

University of Toronto


Flavelle House
Room 320
78 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5

Brief Bio

Kent Roach is Professor of Law and Prichard-Wilson Chair of Law and  Public Policy at the University Of Toronto Faculty Of Law. He is a graduate of  the University of Toronto and of Yale, and a former law clerk to Justice Bertha  Wilson of the Supreme Court of Canada. Professor Roach has been editor-in-chief  of the Criminal Law Quarterly since 1998.  In 2002, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. In 2013, he  was one of four academics awarded a Trudeau Fellowship in recognition of his  research and social contributions.

Selected  Publications

Criminal Law 5th ed (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2012) (515 pp).

The 9/11 Effect: Comparative  Counter-Terrorism(Cambridge University Press, 2011) at

Constitutional Remedies in Canada, 2nd ed (Toronto: Carswell, 2013 as updated) at

The Supreme Court on Trial: Judicial  Activism or Democratic Dialogue (Toronto: Irwin Law,  2001) at

Due Process and Victims' Rights: The  New Law and Politics of Criminal Justice (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999) available at

Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer

University of Basel


Universität Basel
Juristische Fakultät
Büro: 5.33
Peter Merian-Weg 8
4002 Basel

Brief Bio

Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer is a Professor of International Law at the University of Basel. Teaching currently in the areas of WTO law and international investment law, Professor Nadakavukaren Schefer is also leading a research project on positive duties of states and non-state actors in the international legal system. Born and educated in the United States, Krista has a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and membership in the New York State Bar Association. She received her doctorate and Habilitation from the University of Bern, studying under Professor Thomas Cottier. Her project with the NCCR consists of a paper addressing corruption and the rules on government procurement in the WTO.

R2P and Common Concern

Marjolaine Viret

Attorney-at-law, CAS in Health Law


Brief Bio

Marjolaine Viret is an attorney-at-law at the Geneva bar, Switzerland, specialising in sports and health law. She has gained significant experience in arbitration as a senior associate in one of Switzerland's leading law firms, frequently appearing before the Court of Arbitration for Sport and advising clients, including major sports federations, on various aspects of sports law. She also holds positions within committees in sports organisations, in particular as a member of the UCI Anti-Doping Commission, and regularly intervenes internationally as a lecturer or speaker. She currently participates as a Swiss National Science Foundation Researcher in the WADC Commentary project at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the goal of producing the first comprehensive legal commentary of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code. Her PhD work on the interaction of science and law in anti-doping received approval with summa cum laude in March 2015. She is involved in a variety of roles in developing strategies and setting priorities in the fight against doping and in the implementation of the 2015 WADC. Her interests focus on developing cross-disciplinary approaches as a way of promoting more effective solutions in the field of anti-doping and other science-based domains.


Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

Swiss Attorney Association (Fédération suisse des avocats, FSA)

Swiss Sports Law Association (Association suisse de droit du sport, ASDS)

Geneva Bar Association (ODAGE)


Viret Marjolaine, Evidence in Anti-Doping at the Intersection of Science and Law, T.M.C Asser Press / Springer, tbp 2015.

Saugy Martial / Viret Marjolaine / Giraud Sylvain, Limits in anti-doping science, in: Bernasconi M (ed.), Arbitrating disputes in a modern sports world – 5th Conference CAS &SAV/FSA Lausanne 2014, Berne, tbp 2015.

Viret Marjolaine, CAS as the Guardian of the Scientific Validity of Anti-Doping Science?, LawInSport, 23 July 2015.

Rigozzi Antonio / Haas Ulrich / Wisnosky Emily / Viret Marjolaine, Breaking down the process for determining a basic sanction under the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code, International Sports Law Journal 2015, 3-48.

Wisnosky Emily / Viret Marjolaine, The 2015 World Anti-Doping Code in practice: IF Adoption, worldsportslawreport February 2015.

Giraud Sylvain / Joye Charles / Saugy Martial / Viret Marjolaine, Role of Anti-Doping Laboratories in the Fight against Doping, CausaSport 4/2014, 331-345.

Rigozzi Antonio / Viret Marjolaine / Wisnosky Emily / Muresan Remus / Kesseli Roman, Neuerungen im Welt Anti-Doping Code 2015,CausaSport 4/2014, 299-312.

Viret Marjolaine, How to Make Science and Law Work Hand in Hand in Anti-Doping, CausaSport 2/2014, 99-110.

Dvorak Jiri et al. (incl. Viret), Consensus Statement - Time for change: a roadmap to guide the implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code 2015, British Journal of Sports Medicine special issue 2014.

Rigozzi Antonio / Viret Marjolaine / Wisnosky Emily, Latest Changes to the 2015 WADA Code –Fairer, Smarter, Clearer… and not quite Finished, in: Jusletter, 20 January 2013.

Rigozzi Antonio / Viret Marjolaine / Wisnosky Emily, Does the World Anti-Doping Code Revision Live up to its Promises?, in: Jusletter, 11 November 2013.

Sprumont Dominique / Viret Marjolaine, The 2015 Revision of the WADA Code –Will the Fight Against Doping Collide with Health Law?, in: Jusletter, 8 April 2013.

Favre-Bulle Xavier / Viret Marjolaine, First Arbitral Award Set Aside for Breach of Substantive Public Policy in Switzerland (the "Matuzalém saga"), in: Revista de Arbitragem e Mediação, 2013.

Favre-Bulle Xavier / Viret Marjolaine, Les arbitres siégeant en Suisse sont bien égaux devant l'exi-gence d'indépendance et d'impartialité, in: Petites Affiches –Chronique Arbitrage 22.02.2011, n°37.

Werro Franz / Viret Marjolaine, Le coût excessif de la réfection de l'ouvrage et la sanction du con-trat en cas de déplaisir consécutif au défaut, BR/DC 3/2008, 116 et seq.

Viret Marjolaine / Favre-Bulle Xavier, L'intérêt de la lutte contre le dopage confirmé par le Tribunal fédéral, in : Jusletter 19 mai 2008.

Werro Franz / Viret Marjolaine, The Three Most Important Features of Switzerland's Legal System, IALS Conference - Learning from Each Other: Enriching the Law School Curriculum in an Interrelated World, 2008.

Favre-Bulle Xavier / Vermeil Guy / Viret Marjolaine, Droit du sport et arbitrage international: les récents enseignements du Tribunal fédéral, in : Jusletter 20 novembre 2006.

Werro Franz / Viret Marjolaine, Egalité entre femmes et hommes: La responsabilité civile de l'employeur, in : Epiney/Von Danckelmann (éd.), L'égalité entre femmes et hommes en Suisse et dans l'UE, Zurich/Bâle/Genève 2004.

Franz Werro (Academic Co-Director)

(for the Fall 2015 profile, please click here)

Georgetown Law and University of Fribourg


600 New Jersey Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Brief Bio

Professor Franz Werro teaches and researches in different fields of private law, including the law of obligations, European Private Law and Comparative Law at the University of Fribourg and the Georgetown University Law Center. He has been a visiting professor at the Cornell Law School (Ithaca, NY), the Universita degli Studi di Trieste, the Scuola Superiore Santa Anna (Pisa), and at the universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Pau, Bordeaux, Paris I and Tel-Aviv. He has also been teaching for a number of years with the Tulane Summer law program in Paris. In 2009, he was a lecturer at the International University College of Torino and at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. During the academic year 2009/2010, he was the academic co-director of the Center for Transnational Leagal Studies, in London. Professor Werro acts as an arbitrator and as a consultant in international commercial disputes. He is on the governing board of a number of Swiss and European Journals and is involved in different projects of continuing legal education in Switzerland. Since 2014, he took the academic co-direction of the American Journal of Comparative Law. He has recently published a treatise on Swiss tort law, a number of essays on the impact of EC law on national private law, and a monograph (with Professor Vernon Palmer) on European Tort Law, which focuses on strict liability and is part of the Common Core project in Torino.


Forthcoming Works and Works in Progress

Franz Werro, Le pouvoir du juge dans l'application du droit, (forthcoming).
      Franz Werro & Joseph Page, Protection of Privacy: Some Comparisons, (forthcoming).

Recent Scholarship

2 European Private Law: A Handbook (Franz Werro & Mauro Bussani eds., Bern, Switz.: Stämpfli 2014).    [BOOK]

Code des Obligations I (Franz Werro & Luc Thévenoz eds., Basel, Switz.: Helbing Lichtenhahn 2d ed. 2012).    [BOOK]

Franz Werro, Le droit des contrats: jurisprudence fédérale choisie et annotée [The Law of Contracts: Select Annotated Federal Jurisprudence] (Berne, Switz.: Stämpfli2012).

Book Chapters and Collected Works

Franz Werro & Eric Mittereder, Products Liability in the European Union: A Story of Unity or Plurality?, in 2 European Private Law: A Handbook 145-178 (Franz Werro & Mauro Bussani eds., Berne, Switz.: Stämpfli2014).    [BOOK]

Franz Werro, What Is To Be Gained from Comparative Research and Teaching? Thoughts for an Ideal Agenda, in Cross Border Research and Transnational Teaching Under Lisbon 7-21 (Christine Godt ed., Oijsterweik, Neth.: Wolf Legal Publishers 2013).


Center for Transnational Legal Studies
37-39 High Holborn
London WC1V 6AA, United Kingdom