David Luban
Academic Co-Director 2012-2013, Georgetown Law

"In today' world people, culture, goods, politics, and money cross borders more than at any time in history - and law travels with them. Global law is more than a slogan or a sound bite. National law reaches outside national territory, legal systems borrow from one another, and international law becomes ever more prominent. At CTLS students and faculty from many legal traditions explore common legal problems of global law in an uncommon way. With its emphasis on collaborative work, CTLS provides a unique opportunity to expand horizons and forge new friendships in the setting of a great world city."

Transnational Health Law

Professor Gregg Bloche (Georgetown Law)

Health care's growing capabilities offer exciting possibilities for the prevention and cure of illness and disability. But soaring medical costs pose an unprecedented challenge for national budgets. Aging populations, slowing economic growth, and other urgent social needs are forcing countries to set limits on beneficial, even lifesaving medical care. And there is rising evidence that education, economic development, safe food and water, and other social and environmental factors have much greater influence on the health of populations than does medical care:

2014 Academic Conference: Health Spending and Transnational Governance

2013-2014 Lectures in Transnational Justice Series

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